27 January 2012


The boyfriend and I went to Baguio last weekend after hinting how much I wanted to go there with him. It wasn't our first time to go there but it was our first time together. I was in Baguio sometime last year to interview scholarship applicants when I was still in my previous job. I also vaguely remember being there when I was very very young.

The boyfriend has been in Baguio, I'm guessing, many times. One of those times was when he was still with his ex. I know because I saw their pictures in his laptop and they're still there. No, I'm not jealous. Just sharing, stating a fact.

Anyhoo, we arrived past lunch without absolutely no plans. From where the bus stopped, we hauled our bags to Session Road to look for a hotel to stay. Took us almost two hours before we settled in a two thousand a night hotel. Very pricey for a mediocre hotel but we're too tired and hungry to search further. The only good thing about that hotel was it was located very near Session Road.

After settling in the hotel and cleaning up ourselves, we went straight to Pizza Volante in Session Road for lunch. We found the food bland and pricey and the service slow.

We then went to Burnham Park to stroll. There's not really much to see or do in that park except for boat riding and biking which we decided not to try. But we enjoyed walking with the chilly wind. Also, we watching people and making fun or judgment of them. Heh.

We had dinner at Zola Resto Cafe. While waiting for our food, a Korean girl sat with us and asked if she can take pictures with us. She explained she was with her family and it was a dare. After taking pictures she chitchatted a little but it was very hard to understand her English. Before she left, she complimented that we were good looking guys. Heh.

We were supposed to have beer right after dinner at 108 Session Road Cafe but things came up so we decided to stay in the hotel the rest of the night.

Good stories?

They say bad decisions make good stories. But what do we say of people who deliberately make bad decisions just to have good stories?

26 January 2012

My own brand of catnip if I were a cat

06 January 2012

Why visit the Philippines?

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