30 October 2010

MRT Lesson #3

It's easy to make enemies on the train. Making friends is more challenging.

27 October 2010


Sunod sunod kamalasan ko lately. Una, yung cellphone ko na nadukot habang nasa MRT Ayala station ako. Hanggang ngayon di ko pa napapalitan kasi wala ako oras para pumila sa Globe para kumuha ng postpaid plan. May cash ako kaso nanghihinyang ako eh (read: kuripot ako). Tska nawiwili na din ako sa pagtuturo sa pinsan ko sa math assignments at projects nya. Narereview ko yung rules of exponents, operations on polynomials (synthetic division ftw!) at ang paborito kong factoring. Feeling ko ang galing galing ko sa math. Nakakalimutan ko na take two ko ang Math 17 nung college.

Pangalawa, nabasag yung paborito kong baso sa bahay. Di ko alam sa inyo pero isang plato, kutsara, tinidor at baso lang ginagamit ko sa bahay. Di ako gumagamit ng iba. Ayaw ko gumamit ng iba. Maswerete naman ako na nasasakyan to ng mga nakakasama ko sa bahay. Eh ayun nga nabasag yung baso ko. Free yun galing sa Coke eh. Naramdaman ng lola ko na nalungkot ako sa pagkabasag ng baso ko kaya inuto nya ko na gamitin yung basong kakakuha pa lang nya sa eskaparate. Bumili na lang daw ako ng baso pag naligaw ako sa mall.

Pangatlo, nasira yung screen ng laptop ko. Katabi ko kasi matulog si laptop kasi pinapanood ko yung live performance ng So Close (Jon McLaughlin) sa Academy Awards bago matulog. Mag-iisang buwan ko na yata ginagawa yun. Eh tapos ayun nagising ako madaling araw kasi may narining akong kumalabog. Di ko pinansin. Kinabukasan nasa lapag na yung laptop. Hindi basag yung screen pero basag na basag yung display.

Naisip ko nga kahapon, habang nasa The Block ako at nanood ng mgs tao (people watching), baka binigyan ako ng pahiwatig ng Universe na putulin muna na ang komunikasyon ko sa mundo. Haha. Eh kasi cellphone tapos internet. Gusto yata muna ng mga bituin na mapag-isa ako. Pero dahil matigas ang ulo ko hindi ko papansinin ang mga signs. Hahaha.

Okay tama na petiks. Back to work.

26 October 2010

Kapit lang

Nakakalungkot pala kapag yung mga taong nagpapasaya sayo pag malungkot ka eh siya namang malungkot, no? Tapos mas nakakalungkot kasi di mo alam kung paano mo naman sila pasasayahin kasi di mo alam paano maging katulad nila. Sila kasi yung tipong kahit may sariling problema pag tumawag ka, pag nagtext ka, pag naglambing ka, andyan agad.

Gusto ko sabihin na alam ko yung nararamdaman nila pero parang ang rude. Kasi kahit naman sabihin natin na naranasan ko yung nararanasanan nila ngayon eh hindi ibig sabihin alam ko yung pakiramdam. Kahit pa sabihing eksaktong eksakto yung nangyayari sa kanila ngayon sa naranasan ko noon, sa palagay ko iba pa din yung pakiramdam nila. Iba iba kasi yung pagtanggap (receive? interpret?) natin sa sakit eh. So I find it rude if I say to them na I know how they feel because I don't. Nobody does except they themselves.*

Kaya sa'yo, sa inyo na nagdurugo ang puso ngayon, eto na lang sasabihin ko:

Iiyak lang ng iiyak yan. Pero wag na wag bibitiw. Kapit lang.


Pipo =]


100 Years by Five for Fighting

*This is arguable.

23 October 2010

Kids. Ugh.

I don't like kids. Kids are irritating, annoying and they just get into my nerves. They are as annoying as those people who play their music for all the world to hear while in the train or jeepney. No, they are worse. Their mere presence stirs up the inner peace that I have.

However, for some reason I don't know, kids seem to like me. In instances where I have to be in a place where there are kids, I keep away from the. I just sit in a corner, pretend that I'm busy, and show them that I don't want any interaction with them. But then a pesky kid will notice me and try to play with me. Now, I don't like kids but I don't like breaking their hearts either so I act as if I'm okay if one kid tries to play with me. The next thing I know I have my own minion of kids around me.

These are some of the kids from one of the daycare centers the company I'm working for is sponsoring thru a whole year feeding program, provision of vitamins and regular medical missions.

One moment she's bored...
...then she's restless as a cat.

The class bully.

Poor kid. Will he end up gay?
Guess what they're dancing.
Answer: Lady Marmalade! Hahahaha

She thinks she's pretty...
...and he's a cutie.

Say aaaaaaaaaaaa

Kids are so good at mocking adults.

I was able to annoy a kid. Priceless.

I love my job.

20 October 2010


So someone sent me a question via Formspring. Now that someone used a very interesting alias.

Q: in choosing your next partner in life, what will your most important consideration? - im-not-your-ex

A: Maturity. I want someone who'd choose joy over happiness. Someone who'd rather let temporary highs slip through his hands than lose someone who'd stay. Someone who'd never let me go. Someone who'd never do things that would make me leave.

I dunno but it was the first thing that popped into my mind. Maybe a few weeks, months or years from now I'd have a different answer but maturity is on top of the list prerequisites right now.

18 October 2010


I was reading Fickle Cattle's Trading Up and it reminded me of this...

"...sa totoo lang, sa buhay na ito, there will always be somebody better than your current partner. somebody more intelligent, sombebody more beautiful, somebody funnier, sexier, more huggable, more dependable, more responsible, more trustworthy, more patient, etc. etc. the list will go on. in short, there will always be somebody better. alam mo, natutunan ko lang din yan sa asawa ko. ngayon, naiintindhihan ko na. now, alama ko na na kung ang drama mo sa buhay ay laging to find somebody better, ay hello, kayabangan naman yata yun. sa akin lang, when you are in a relationship, you make things better everyday for each one. you make the other one better than he/she was a day before."

It was from my conversation with my academic adviser a month or so ago. While she's not exactly the favorite of my co-majors, I consider that I have a good relationship with her. One that transcends the boundaries of the university.

Okay. I dunno what to say really. I just wanted to share it with you guys.

Have a great week!

10 October 2010

Call of the gods

I was having a conversation with my mom thru videochat last week. Conversation is actually a bit of a stretch. We just update each other on how things are going for us.  Yeah. So we were updating each other when she asked me about my salary. A topic I'm not comfortable updating her about.

Mom: Magkano nga ulit sweldo mo dyan?

Ako: Eh nasabi ko na sayo dati.

Mom: Magkano nga?

Ako: Bastaaaa.

Mom: Magkano nga?

Ako: xx,xxxx

*brief pause*

Mom: One week ko lang yan eh! Hahaha.

Ako: Ang yabang mo talaga!

Truth is even before I graduated I knew that my salary would be meh. In fact, the allowance I was receiving when I was stil in school is bigger than my salary. You don't get rich on my field. You would have to do sidejobs or have business. Luckily, I don't have have to support anyone so I get to spend my moolah for myself.

Mom: Dito na ka na lang sa Greece magtrabaho

Ako: Ano naman gagawin ko dyan? Mahirap maghanap ng trabaho para saken dyan.

She said that jokingly. My mom was never the do-what-I-tell-you-to-do type. She let's me decide for myself. And I know that if I say  no to her when she finally confronts me of working overseas, she'd respect my decision. I think that's what make our relationship work. She's been out of the country since I was 5 or 6. In a span of  18 years of working overseas (she's been to three countries), she only visited 3 or 4 times. I learned to decide for myself because of that.

But after our update session, I realized that it was actually a hint. A hint on what she wants me to do in the future - work overseas with her.

I guess I'd be hearing more from the gods of Olympus in the coming months.

Note: Hindi ako bastos na anak. Di lang talaga  uso ang po at opo samen. Bisaya kasi kami. Also, cool lang talaga kami magusap ng Mama ko. =]

07 October 2010

Post Modern

I remember when my first boyfriend asked me to help him in his report for a microbiology subject. His report, if I remember it right, was about bacteria on beef. Bottom line of the report is don't order very rare steak because some dangerous bacteria don't get killed. Lol.

I wrote his report in a manila paper just in case of power outage. But since the original powerpoint version of the report has illustrations, I tried to create my impression of  the bacteria and a cow.  Bacteria was easy, the cow was a different story. When I was done with the cow, it looked more of Moo and Chuckie than real cattle. Hahaha. But ex-boyfie was very appreciative and told me it was cute. Aw.

This morning I was feeling extra happy. I dunno why though considering I barely have sleep the past few days and my eye bags can already pass as a paper weight. So yeah I was feeling sunshine-y and I thought I should tell you guys about it to let you know that I'm not an emotard. As I was typing my I'm-not-an-emotard entry above, I thought I'd better put a picture with it. I googled the phrase I'm okay and look what I found.

Based on the file name, his name is Minmow.

I thought he was cute. But I also knew I could do a better version of him. So using MS Paint I made my impression of Minmow.

Meet  Minmow v2.0.

Minmow: Click me for better appreciation!

You don't like it? Bah. It's post modern, you know.


Thank you guys for being there for me. Whatever that means. Lol. Seriously, thank you. Mahal nyo ko no? Hahaha.

I'm not posting the I'm not an emotard post anymore. Siguro naman enough proof na si Minmow v2.o na ok na ko. =]

04 October 2010

I think I need help.

I knew there's something wrong with me. I haven't cried after the breakup. I was coping amazingly well and fast. I know moving on is the right thing to do and I know how to do it.

But I just figured out a few minutes ago that there's something with me.

I am broken.

Im thinking that everyone would leave me eventually. And no one would love me and care for me enough to saty.


I need help.

01 October 2010

Wishlist 2: Pushing My Luck

First, lemme say thank you to people who made my first (and not so grown up) Christmas wishlist a success. Woot! Thank you, guys! But seriously, what's wrong with you people? Buying a 23 year old plastic, I'm not even sure if those are "action", figures of Super Mario characters? Kidding! I <3 you. xoxo

Now due to popular demand (oh yes) I'm making a second set of wishlist! (Note: This is the point where you cry because of bliss).

However, to accommodate people who have the kindest heart but not an absurd brain to give me those Super Mario toys, my second wishlist will be a little more grown up. I want action figures of all the Pokemon characters!Kidding. But on the second thought.... Hmm.

Seriously, I want books this time. I like Jessica Zafra's Twisted series. I have Twisted 5, 7, 8 and 8 1/2. That leaves with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 to choose from. But wait there's more! Since I love reading (though I'm not well read), and to increase your choices, let us include any books that you want me to read. I read anything you see. Just not textbooks, okay? I'm done with them.

I like her but I'm afraid to see her. Methinks she'll slap me.
image source

Lest you accuse me of being a gold digger (gift digger?), lemme tell you that the books don't need to be brand new. I don't need brand new books. Just decent and readable books. Old books are just as nice as brand new ones. But that doesn't change anything, no? Gift digger pa din. Hohoho.

Oh well. I'm just pushing my luck here. =]


  • A certain Mr. Yu emailed me and  told that he'll gimme me some Heim, Hollinghurst and White. =D I'm not sure yet if it's ok with him if I put his link here.

  •  My Gramps is giving me Twisted, Planet of the Twisted and Twisted Menace. Yay! (P.S. Na-miss kita, Gramps!)

  • Enzo will give me his extra copy of Who Moved My Cheese
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