28 September 2010


I've been going out a lot lately. A lot by my standards, at least. I was never the outdoorsy type. I'd rather stay at home and have DVD marathon while binging on my favorite ice cream flavour and some chips.

Pero I haven't declined any invitation to go out this past few weeks be it coffee, beer, dinner or watching a dance competition. I dunno. I feel that I have so much catching up to do. Also, my social life has become non-existent since I started working two months ago. My shift is 9am to 6pm. Travel from Quezon City to Makati is approximately two hours. MRT is hell. I'm very tired when I get home.

I skipped work today. I have sore throat and colds. Last Saturday I was walking in Skygarden at SM North Edsa when I felt that my sense of balance was off. I had to stop. Must be the colds messing up my ears.

I shouldn't have skipped work. Doing nothing is depressing. I'm bored to death. I'm thinking (and tweeting) that I should go get  a drink tonight. Drew said nawawala sipon nya pag umiinom sya ng beer. I asked if it's okay to drink if i have sore throat. I think not.

I've been tweeting with Tristan the past few days. I knew him since last year. He made me cry a while ago. I told him I don't wanna cry anymore. Three months of crying is enough. I just wanna be happy again.

I like hugs and kisses. And cuddling. I could do it all day. If you're one of the people who I keep on asking for a virtual hug and kiss, please bear with me. I chose you because I trust you.

It's a  good thing that vitamin C is water soluble. I've been taking at least four capsules everyday since Saturday.


Have you seen the first episode of Glee? I really liked Telephone.. And I find Sam hawt. I wonder how much wonder and pleasure can those lips of him do. I'd love to mouth fuck him.

I feel weightless.

I'm digressing.


I accepted the friend requests of a couple of bloggers on my Facebook. I think they're nice. Like Nimmy. Nimmy is sunshine materialized.

Back to the dial-a-friend thing.

I'm free Saturday nights and Sunday whole day. Let's just not go out too late on Sundays. I have worked on Mondays and I don't like skipping work. It makes keeps me sane.

26 September 2010

Paradigm Shift

Wearable alternatives. Fascination for the peculiar. A shift.


Paradigm Shift was born from our mutual dream to create a clothing line that offers would-be wearers an alternative to what is mainstream. It is designed with details that challenge preconcieved notions of what you think you can and cannot wear.


These are clothes that are at once familiar and unfamiliar. And we believe that with the unfamiliar comes a sense of fun. We'd love to call it basics with a twist, except, we leave the 'twisting' to you.


"If the world were clear, art would not exist", said Albert Camus. We agree. The beauty we find in dissymmetry, exageration and imbalance fuels our dream of sharing the experience of wearing clothes dynamically. To never be static and be always kinetic.

- Designers Karl Leuterio and Mike Magallanes

Mike is my friend. He is cool. Therefore, I am cool.

Mike! I'm sooooooooooooo proud of you. And myself. Imagine I have a designer friend now. Hahaha. I love you, Mike!

Unveiling of Paradigm Shift Clothing is today at Graxie, Archaeology Wing, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell. Visit their official website.

23 September 2010


Dear friends,

I lost my less than two month old phone.

Your stupid friend,



My cousin who is in her first year in high school allowed me to use her crappy phone.

Cousin: Sige na nga. Sayo muna yung cellphone ko. Balik mo agad ha!
Ako: Next week babalik ko din.
Cousin: Pero ikaw gagawa ng assignment ko sa Math ha.
Ako: Sige. Pero ikaw magso-solve pag may fractions.

I need to get a new phone ASAP. I don't like Math especially fractions. Fractions are like poetry. I don't understand them.

17 September 2010

I want them for Christmas

The saleslady reprimanded me for taking pictures. I just smiled and said sorry.
But not until I was able to take this shot. Hohoho
  I saw them in Clipper at Trinoma the other day and it was loooove at first sight. They're pretty cheap considering you'll be giving them to a 23 year old. Hehe. I could have bought them if I wanted to but where's the fun in that? Haha. Plus, they'd be more than cute if I receive them as gift. They'd be special too. =]

So yeah it's final. They're on top of my Christmas wishlist. =D

By the way, I had an instant Ninong the other day too. And I made him promise to give me Luigi. Hahaha.

I wonder who'll give me the other four. =P


  • He, a friend of mine, will give me Mario already bought Mario for me. =D
Thanks, He! =D
  • Drew would get me Yoshi and Toad! Tama ba, Drew? =]

  • A girl friend will give me Princess Peach. Ayaw niyang pangalanan ko sya. Nakakahiya daw. Hahaha.

  • The girl friend backed out. =[  Jon comes to the rescue and he'll take care of Peach for me. =]

Three Two Just one more to go! *happiness*

Meron na lahat. Yay! *bliss*

15 September 2010

My TV Debut

Okay, that was a bit of a stretch. Haha. I was just on TV last *bleep*. A few weeks ago, I tried my luck by sending my resume to a talent search contest on local TV. After a few days, I received an SMS from a staff of the show confirming my interest to be part of the show on a particular date. I said yes and then I told all my friends by tweeting about it. Hahaha.

By the way, I was not chosen because I have the potential to be the next big thing (Hahaha). I was chosen because, ummm, I do something for a living. I work for a nonprofit organization so that makes me someone who actually does something for a living. Point is, if you want to be part of the show, you just have to have a job, time for taping, and you’ll be part of the show.

Anyhoos, we taped last week. I tagged along two friends so I wouldn’t look too lost when I get there and so I have someone who’ll take my pictures with celebrities. Too bad my second agenda for tagging my friends didn’t commence because (1) the celebrities didn’t join us until taping started and left immediately after and (2) the friend who was supposed to bring the camera left it while my phone died on me. Bleh.

The experience was ok bordering boring. All I did was sit, write scores, walk and smile for the camera. The show was more fun to watch in TV. At least the performances of the contestants. I dunno but they weren’t as good as they seem when you watch them in TV. Even the winner that night wasn’t that good.
I also had issue regarding the transparency of the scores. As part of the jury, I was expecting that I would actually see the scores are computed. But that didn’t happen.

The best thing about the experience though is seeing Tuesday Vargas. I’m a fan. She’s petite and pretty pala in person. And her tattoos. I want to get tattoos too. Maybe not as many or as big as her tattoos but I’d certainly have myself inked.

So there. I guess by now you know what TV show I’m talking about. I’m not telling you the exact episode though. I look bland on TV. Hahaha.


I wasn’t able to catch it on TV because I was in Mt. Banahaw when it aired. All my immediate relatives was able to catch it though and they were telling me that they’re proud of me. Mga Pinoy talaga. Haha.

14 September 2010

MRT Lesson #2

MRT Guadalupe Station.

Move over and go back to your Mom's uterus, Wolfgang Pauli. MRT has just defied physics. Yes, two things can actually occupy the same space at the same time now. People, actually. Sometimes three or more especially on rush hours.

13 September 2010

Where did my paycheck go?

You know you're fucked up when half a month worth of pay vanishes into thin air without you being able to buy anything that can remind you that you actually received a paycheck.

I'm fucked up.



Yes, I'm back. And I would never intentionally go on hiatus again. It's BS because I kept on  writing entries, reading blogs and commenting on some. The next time I declare a blog break you can shoot me. Or make me delete this blog. Hahaha.

12 September 2010


I gave him the chance he asked for. He gave me hell in return.

Thank you for cheating on me again.


Sa kabila ng paulit ulit na panggagago mo saken, I don't hate you. You know why? Because you don't deserve anything from me. Not even hate.
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