28 December 2009

Hush Hush

Overheard my neighbors talking while reading Zafra's Twisted 8 and contemplating on my New Year's resolution.

Woman 1: Tumataba ka ngayon ah.
Woman 2: Talaga?
Woman 1: Oo. Ang taba mo. Pumuputi ka pa.
Woman 2: Ganyan talaga. Hiyang sa tamod! *burst of deafening laughter*

I felt embarrassed for them. Do they really to be that vulgar? I have issues with people who are too vulgar and too loud. Even if they're my friends. Its fine once in a while but methinks a little moderation is a must when you're out in the public. Profanity and expletives are fine and, yes, maybe needed sometimes. But a little sensitivity to others is really admirable.

25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas esp to the following:

to my STP-UPLB brods and sisses
to my UP Babaylan brods and sisses
to my UPLB COSS brods and sisess
to my co ST majors
to DSDS family
to my CHE family
to my MLN friends
to my "followers" i am beki, chris tiu, galen, mike, citibuoy, jaypee, james, girl with glasses, cee and meldrick
to my "followers" in my previous blog (the missing pen)

Let's all be happy. :]

21 December 2009

Little Adventure

Yesterday I went to watch a movie. Alone.

I planned this last week when I realized the need for me to be more spontaneous. You see, I always try to project a cool, calm and collected image (and I think I'm doing it well) but deep inside I think I am a control freak. I take risks, yes, but they're calculated risks. Risks that I pretty much know where it will lead to be it good or bad. And I only take risks which can have not-so-bad outcomes.

I decided to watch Avatar over 2012 as I'm not exactly a fan of end-of-the-world movies and because I'm currently "pirate-ing" the latter right now. Hehe. Oh, I watched it in Filinvest Festival Mall in case you're wondering. The movie was good. I should have watched in 3D. Nice effects and story and interesting characters. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is a hawtee. Grace (Sigourney Weaver) and the tough marine chic Trudy (Michelle Rodriguez) were really good too.

But the film was not as good as the experience itself. From the expression of the ticket girl's face when I told her I'm only buying one ticket (she thought I was loser), when I bought popcorn and iced tea good for one person, when I walked past the other ticket girl and entered the cinema all by myself, when I waited for the usher to guide me to my seat (the guide was a she and I felt lame for needing someone to help me find my seat), when I realized that I am sitting in between two families, to the countless my instances I caught myself giddily smiling when the show has started. It was amazing.

I wasn't smiling because of funny, amusing or touching scenes in the film. I was smiling because I felt proud of myself. Having the guts to watch a film alone is really something for me. It was enthralling. It was liberating. And I really enjoyed it. :]

My adventure was almost perfect. Except that I arrived late for the first screening and too early for the next. And Mr. Social Anxiety Disorder a.k.a. Mr. SAD (I really suspect I have him in my system or of it is normal to have him, I think I have too much of him) managed to squeeze himself in the two-hour wait and mess up my day.

I let you in on a factoid about me: I hyperventilate when I'm alone in a big crowd of people I have no whatever connection of some sort. Say, for example, and I tell you this always almost happens, when I use the overpass the sight of people just overwhelms me. So I take a deep breath and walk as fast as I can without being noticed. It's really a pain in the ass having this thing. But, as I've mentioned, I'm really good in pretending to be just fine. The only manifestation I can't control is sweating. I sweat a lot when I'm stressed. Even the slightest stress makes me sweat. So if you see me sweating without a reason, take that as cue that I need some fresh air to loosen up.

Back to Mr. SAD. So I arrived late for the first screening but more than two hours early for the second screening. I had no choice but to stroll around. And I don't stroll in the mall or anywhere for that matter. I rarely go out to wander without direction. I only go out when I have a certain reason to go out. And strolling is not a valid reason for me. Ok. Strolling is fine but not when I'm alone.

It was hell. I can barely look up and see people straight in the eyes. 99% of the time I was texting or pretending to text while the remaining 1% percent was spent either looking upward or on the other side of the mall but never straight. Pathetic. I was literally going with the flow of people. To say I felt loss and helpless would be an understatement. I had the urge to just quit and go home gazillion of times.

I may have confidence issues but I'm not a quitter.

I distracted myself with two things I'm most into (not men. di pwede yun eh. lols) - books and gadgets. I went to Powerbooks and scouted for a Jessica Zafra. However, as much as I wanted read I just can't concentrate. The anxiety was just too great to ignore. So I went to couple of gadget stores. Thank heavens those gadgets totally removed all the anxiety. I felt confident while inside those gadget stores because I knew I have quite an affinity (fine...affinity may be too strong a word) with technology. I even managed to strike a conversation with one customer (a manong) and a salesman (average built, fair and chinito - not my type).

After a quick chat with the salesman I checked my phone and realized that the show will start on 10 minutes. I had to skip popcorn and settle for fries as the queue for popcorn looked like it will take forever. So with a cup of fries in one hand and a coke zero in the other, I proceeded to do the thing I'll be doing alone. It was all worth it.

Now I'm thinking what to do next for this sort of spontaneity challenge. Hmmmm.

Thank you She for being "with me". Lols.

listening to: Duffy - Mercy

19 December 2009

On Boredom and Insanity

Classes ended last Thursday yet I'm still here in Elbi.

I dunno why but I feel more at home here in Elbi more than anywhere else. And that includes our (my lolo and lola's actually) house in QC where I grew up and my Tita's house in Cavite where I spent high school. I feel like a stranger whenever I go to either house. I feel uncomfortable and restless when I stay there so I usually stay no longer than two days.

But since it's Christmas season I would have to stay for a week or two. Horror.

I don't have much to do in QC except to eat, sleep and watch TV. But I'll be doing the same thing if I stay here in Elbi just replace TV with internet. And I'd always choose internet over TV. There are no decent shows in local channels after all. My relationship with the tube is very much based on news and Kris Aquino. But I can catch them both on the web.

Sometimes I feel guilty because I don't come home as often as I should. My grandparents and my Tito's and Tita's were practically the ones who raised me (here's the drama: Mom and Dad separated when I can barely count all the way to 20). So it's only proper that I spend time with them. But I don't. Tito died three years ago while Tita has her own family now. On the other hand, I'm having a hard time relating with my Lolo and Lola. I grew up so much that we don't seem to have the connection we used to have. But I love them. Really.

Truth is I'd rather be bored here in Elbi than in QC. I can snap out of boredom if I'm here in Elbi - something I can't do in QC. Quezon City is like Forks (Twilight) minus hot bloodsuckers Carlisle and Edward (Carlisle is one DILF*) to me. I find everything  gloomy and in slow mo there. And I hate it there because the water is biting cold unlike the almost always warm water here in Elbi. Thanks to the suspected dormant volcano Mt. Makiling.

And if you're thinking that the problem is me and not the place, well, I guess you're right. I'm so boring I bore myself sometimes.

So what's in a person that makes him boring? I dunno. You tell me. So why do we get bored? I dunno either but Wikipedia says we get bored when

...when we are prevented from engaging in something, when we are forced to engage in some unwanted activity, or when we are simply unable, for no apparent reason, to maintain engagement in any activity or spectacle.

I think I'm pointing my finger on the last one. Uh-oh. Maybe something wrong with me. Maybe I'm not bored.  Maybe I'm suffering from depression. I've encountered the term clinical depression - a concept that is abused by many people claiming that they are depressed when in fact they're just plain sad. But I'm not sad. I even consider myself happy. Lemme read some more.

Boredom can be a symptom of clinical depression. Boredom can be a form of learned helplessness, a phenomenon closely related to depression. Some philosophies of parenting propose that if children are raised in an environment devoid of stimuli, and are not allowed or encouraged to interact with their environment, they will fail to develop the mental capacities to do so.

Ok. This is getting scary. I can't be clinically depressed. I'm just bored or at most, sad. But not depressed.

I think I'm gonna hit the shower now and go out for dinner.

*special thanks to Jaypee for introducing me to this term

10 December 2009


So I attended the seminar class for graduating students this morning. I arrived 15 minutes late but I'm actually quite proud of myself considering I only had three hours of sleep last night as boyfie asked me to layout a scientific poster. Also, I was sort of one of the early birds since there were five people who came earlier than me.

The topic discussed this morning was one of the topics discussed in last year's seminar - volunteerism and partnership (I'm done with this subject na kasi).  I was trying to keep a low profile as I'm just sitting-in in the class but the professor practically made everyone talked. And so I had to talk. And talked I did. I can't help it. Prof's really good she got me warmed up. I hope I did make sense though. Lol.

When the discussion barely had began, Mr. Graduation Committee Representative me handed me the contract for the graduation photo shoot and yearbook. Attached in the contract is an info sheet where we're supposed to write, umm, basic info about ourselves. There were also some questions which I find so slumbook-ish and, yeah, our answers to these questions will be printed in the yearbook.

  • What does a BS Human Ecology/BS Nutrition student have what [sic] others do not have?

Very beauty pageant-ish. And I'm pretty sure people will, more or less, have the same answers here. Bring out a pen and paper and start tallying how often the words holistic and sustainable appear.

  • Three things that you wished [sic] you did in college that you never did.

I just don't buy the idea of sharing my regrets in a yearbook. I want my page in the yearbook gleeful. I'll reserve the regrets for my autobiography. Lol.

  • What are the things you will miss most in CHE (College of Human Ecology)?

Ok. I kinda like this question. I'll shed a tear or two in the future when I read my answer and other people's answer to this.

Also, we're supposed to ask two of our closest friends or relatives to write a special message for us. Now that's just plain cheesy. And corny. But I'll try to make this work for me. I just need to find two people who are so eloquent that they'll be able to convince me that it was me they talked about in the message even if I'm not even a light year close to their descriptions. Lol.

Ok. If you think you know me well and you're know your way with words and you're interested in writing a message for me for our yearbook, email me. Bah. As if Pipo, as if.

Update: I've decided not to get the yearbook. You see, I'm an "irregular" student and much of the people who I consider as my batch mates already graduated last year. I realized that I won't be seeing my batch mates in that yearbook and that's like defeating the purpose of yearbooks - to bring back memories. Without the cute/lovely/fugly/stupid faces of my batch mates in that yearbook, there'll be no memories that'll make me smile, cry or curse. So there. No yearbook for me.

Listening to: If You're Out There

08 December 2009


I emailed Greenpeace Philippines regarding a possible partnership in bringing the film The Age of Stupid here in UPLB. We can actually do it on our own but working with organizations such as Greenpeace will entice more UPLB constituents to see the film. Greenpeace is Greenpeace after all. I'm spearheading the activity. I hope Greenpeace's response will be affirmative.

I helped boyfie have his graduating clearance signed. It took us three hours of walking and waiting. I was exhausted and hungry as hell I ate Jollibee's super meal.

I bought a black three-stars-and-a-sun type polo shirt. I didn't know I can look good in black. Sad part is I had to go for the medium size. I now look like a suman in small. I hate it. >_< I also bought a pair of pants. Thank goodness I still fit in a 30.

I paid my rent for November. I'm still thinking if I should pay for this month's rent or I'll just delay it till next month. My mom owes me two weeks worth of allowance.

I'm still thinking if I'll attend UPD's Lantern Parade. My lolo and lola lives in Diliman, Quezon City. I fear that I'll give them a heart attack if they see me with the UP Babaylan delegation. They prolly won't go in the parade but media covers the event, right?

That pretty much sums up my day. Guess we'll be watching a local comedy flick later. Yeah, we're into local flicks. Hehe.

listening to: Jealous

Is it just me

or the more you look at Rob, the more you realize that he's oooooozing with sex appeal?

And he's not showing his abs yet. Who needs abs anyway when you have this?

And then there goes boyfie telling me to stop looking at Rob's pictures. Lol.

I don't effin care if you hate Twilight. It's Rob I'm looking at.

07 December 2009

When Ms. Righteous Strays

You have three choices.

What are those?

First, stop texting him.

Second, continue your textcapades with him and hope for a happily ever after. Who knows?

Third, go on with the textcapades, enjoy what you two have now but don't expect anything more than that (your textcapades, that is). If it ends, let it end.

The first is too sad. The second choice will make me feel guilty as hell and I'm not sure if there will be no emotional investment on my part. That third option sounds good though. 

Oh. The last one's the easiest. You just go with the flow until you realize that what you're doing is not right. But that'll happen at the end pa. For now, it's just rainbows and butterflies.

Ms. Righteous is my uber trusty friend when I need someone to say out loud that I'm doing something wrong. She's the only person I allow to slap me hard and tell me to stop. Fine. I'm exaggerating. But you get the point.

I'm a Jerk

But I'm still not choosing him to be my practicum mate.

I'll be meeting my two friends and S tomorrow on Wednesday. I feel that my two friends will try to initiate a kiss and make up of some sort. But I won't give in.

The worst case scenario is that I will have to make my two friends choose. Me or that selfish bastard. But that's evil. I may be a cut throat jerk sometimes but I'm not evil. I act like a jerk for a good cause (yeah, I'm a "the end justifies the means" guy sometimes). I don't become a jerk for selfish reasons.

Now I'm thinking that instead of making them choose, I'll just tell them to choose him. I'll just let my adviser choose my practicum mate. Or maybe I can just do the thing alone. I can do it on my own after all. But that would be sad and I would be pathetic.

Oh geez I can't believe this is happening. I'm graduating this sem and here I am still not mature enough to just get over it. So much immaturity for a 22 year old. Crap.

05 December 2009

Let's Call Him Mark

Musta tol? May oras ka ba? May prob ako. Usap tayo tol.

This was Mark's opening salvo to me over our exchange of chat messages this afternoon. I met Mark through a certain online group with members exchanging private and not-so-private male videos. I am one of the moderators while he is a member. When I made a new instant messaging account especially for that group, Mark was one of the first people who added me as a contact.

Kelangan talaga usap? Pwede naman dito ah.

Though Mark and I are attending the same school, we haven't met yet. We already had countless chat sessions talking about school, family, friends and other stuffs enough for us to consider that we know each other and to give each other a certain level of trust.

Usap naman sa YM, di sa personal.

You see, our conversations were limited to online chat. No online calls or phone calls. We don't even have each other's digits. We were friends but there is an unspoken rule that we only communicate through chat. There were several attempts he made to make me come over his pad or him insisting to come over my place though. Yeah, he's one horny kid. I must admit that there were instances that I was actually teasing and tempting him though. I did it just to amuse myself. He was sex deprived and I know he'll bite to my bait. But at the end of those conversations we just laugh at ourselves for no one would give in. It's fun. It just gave me blue balls though.

Oo nga. May headset ako pero walang mic. Pwede lang ako makinig sayo.

I lied. Of course my headset has a built-in mic. In fact even my laptop has a built-in mic. I just can't talk to him for we will be violating our unspoken rule. And also, boyfie is around. He doesn't know Mark or anything about him. Mark is just another member of the group. Or maybe not. Point is he's just a friend.

Di pwede. Lugi.
Nalilito na kasi ako tol.

Ah. I had an idea what this conversation will be all about. You see Mark is not your average college student. He's from a wealthy family, his parents pamper him, all of his siblings have a good job, he has his own car, he's got a chick girlfriend and he's a prostitute.

Di mo naman kelangan malito. Normal lang yan.

When Mark told me that he is straight, my eyes rolled 360 degrees, 360 times. I hate it when people claim that they're straight yet they do gay stuffs even I won't do like joining an online with members that exchanges male videos. Oh. But as I've mentioned Mark is not your average guy. So yeah, he's straight.

Tado. Ewan. Pano kung nahuhulog na ko?

Ok. So now this is a problem. He can't fall for a guy because he's straight (scratch the concept of fluid sexuality for a moment please). But here he is telling me, it came from his own "fingers" and it was not a suggestion but a declaration, that he is falling for a guy.

Tol, bakla na ba 'ko? Pota.

"Yes, you are now. Welcome to the group!" I wanted to tell him that. But I didn't for that it was too early to conclude. It could have been good news for the pink community for Mark is a total hottie. But then again I wouldn't do that to him. I'm his friend. Naks.

Eh kung nagkakagusto ka sa lalake, ano naman? Ok lang yan. Patingin nga ng pic nyan! Haha.

Seriously, I can feel that he's so stressed out. This is a real problem for him, a major one at that. So I felt that the need to lighten up things a bit so there goes that stupid half-meant joke.

Tado. Parang mag-utol kami. Tapos pareho pa ng kalokohan. Parang lahat ok. 

Ah. This is bromance. I can't be wrong. Two straight guys who are unusually close that people think (including themselves perhaps) that there is something going on between them. But really it's just friendship in a higher level. And yeah, there's no sex involved. There must be no sex involved.

...to be continued.

Bah. Of course Mark is an alias.

04 December 2009

The 2009 Manila Pride March: Dare to Care!

December 5, 2009 | 3 PM
Malate, Manila

03 December 2009


No, that's not my age. I'm only 22.

It's been 28 months since we've been together. That's two years and 4 months just in case math kills you. Hehe.

During the last team building activity of Babaylan, Paul was telling me how happy and proud he is of us. Our relationship is one of the proofs daw that relationships like ours work. He was telling me other things but I can hardly remember it now as we were both quite drunk that night.

But I remember telling him that I actually feel pressured because of the relationship. I'm very happy with the relationship and knowing that people are happy for us magnifies it more. However, as I know that many people "look up on us", there goes the pressure. It's as if people are telling us that we need to make our relationship work and last for them. Yeah,  I'm crazy.

Warning: mush overload ahead.

So lemme take this chance to say to you people that I'm keeping the relationship because I love him. I'm doing everything I can to make this work and last as long as it could because I love him. I'm doing the right things because I love him. I'm doing my share in the relationship because I love him. You're never a consideration in making this relationship work.

Those 28 months were not easy. Those 28 months were not rainbows and butterflies all the time. We fought, we walked out, we slammed doors, we raised voices at each other and we cried because of each other. There were several almost-break-up and I-need-some-space moments. But from day 1 we knew that it will be a rough ride. We knew we have to make a lot of compromise to make things work out. We promised each other we will hold on.

Ok enough of the drama.

So today marks our 28 month of being together. And though we don't do monthsary's anymore I think we'll be eating out tonight. So yes, Gillian and Iyabear, I'm skipping our meeting.

Now, gimme back my beer.

01 December 2009

GMA is Gay

This is the latest post of Professional Heckler and is undeniably the gayest of all his heckling. Hahaha! See the original post here.


I shall return.

PRESIDENT ARROYO has formally declared her intention to seek a Congressional seat in her home province of Pampanga in next year’s polls. This parody of a Gloria Gaynor hit was inspired by Mrs. Gloria Arroyo’s latest declaration.

Note: Before you start singing, please click this link for musical backup.

“First, I am not afraid
I’m not petrified
Kept thinking I could always live
with immunity by my side
Though I spent so many nights
thinking I did nothing wrong
I am strong
I learned how to carry on

So I’ll go back
to my old place
’Though I walked out to find you all
with that mad look upon your face
I should replace my stupid son
I’d soon be their congresswoman
If I had known it’s quick and easy
I should’ve just run for VP

Go on now go, walk out the door
just disappear now
’cause you’re not welcome anymore
weren’t you the one who tried not to bid your post goodbye
you think you’d Con Ass
you think we’d let you even try

Oh no, not I
I will survive
oh as long as i know how to bribe
I know I will stay alive
I’ve got all my life to live
I’ve got all my cash to give
and I’ll survive
I will survive

It took all the strength I had
not to fall apart
kept trying hard to fight
the media, the Left, and all bishops
and I spent oh so many nights
rehearsing how to perfect lies
I will not cry
I will hold my head up high

And you’ll see me
in Congress soon
I will not be that stuck-up person
who refused to hold press cons
I now hope for charter change
In twenty-ten, yeah, hopefully
I’ll be saving all my power
for what else? Prime Ministry!

Go on now go, walk out the door
just disappear now
’cause you’re not welcome anymore
weren’t you the one who freed one Bolante and Garci
you think they’re friendly
you redefined impunity

Oh no, not I
I will survive
oh as long as i know how to bribe
I know I will stay alive
I’ve got all my life to live
I’ve got all my cash to give
and I’ll survive
I will survive hey hey


Again, this is not my work. This is Professional Heckler's wit.

29 November 2009

How About Tossing A Coin? Nah.

Bah. I'm confused.

The mock interview for our practicum (internship, on-the-job training) will be on December 16. In this interview, we will be asked on what firm we would like to be assigned who we would like to be our practicum mates. It's a toss between Blacksmith Institute and Pilipinas Shell for me on the practicum firm. I chose Shell before but Blacksmith Institute has a pretty interesting project going on right now.

With Pilipinas Shell, I'll probably doing corporate social responsibility work for them. Roughly, what I'll do here is come up with programs and projects for communities in and near the vicinity of Shell oil sites and other facilities. Communities near Shell facilities (or any other oil facilities for that matter) are affected by its presence as these facilities produce pollution in many forms. I'll be involved from brainstorming to implementation and maybe until post evaluation of programs and projects.

On the other hand, I'll most probably be involved in the Global Inventory Project of Blacksmith Institute. This is a worldwide project where pollution sites in a country are identified and assessed in order to help institutions (government, non government or private organizations) and the local communities solve the pollution problem. You can read more about it here.

I find both firms and the jobs they offer interesting. I must admit they're both good firms but Pilipinas Shell is flashier, and that would give a big plus in my resume. But Blacksmith offers a project that would benefit not just one community but, if you look at it a bigger perspective, the whole country and even the world. Didn't that just sound very beauty queen-ish? Haha.

And that's just problem number one.

I'm also confused who to choose as my practicum mates. I have four friends in mind but I'm more inclined to the other two. And I'm 99.99% sure that they want me as their practicum mate too. Now here's the catch. Aside from me, these two will also be choosing another person as their preferred practicum mate. Now this other person they like is someone I wouldn't want to be working with. To put it bluntly, I don't like that person. In effect of choosing the two people I like, I'll also be choosing the one that I don't like. Bah.

I have until December 15 to think. Would appreciate your opinions though.

listening to:  From the Start

28 November 2009

Gimme My Baby, Santa

The other day I asked a couple of my friends what they want for Christmas.

Not that I have the intention of being their Santa this year or any other year in the future but I just wanted to know what they yearn for this Christmas. Ok. Honestly, I was thinking that maybe if I can afford what they want maybe I'll try to get it for them. I just love the high I get whenever I'm able to give something to my friends.

Not more than a minute passed and my phone started beeping. In my mind I was already expecting a general answer to my question: material things. Not that I consider my friends to be materialistic, but come on, I'm not exactly expecting a beauty contest material answer from them either.
  • a John Grisham book
  • Stitch (the Disney character) earrings
  • yoga mat
  • pair of shoes from Artwork or Happy Feet
  • red rose
  • pants
  • anything I want to give them
  • a bonggang bonggang party in Bora
Methinks I can prolly afford these...if I don't get a gift for myself. Lol. But these things weren't the top answer. In fact, the top answer wasn't things at all but people. Yes, people. Apparently, my friends yearn for somebody not for something.

Half of my friends answered they want me for Christmas. I'm surrounded with retards you see. But the sane ones, luckily majority of them still belong to this category, said they want someone to spend their Christmas with. And they weren't referring to their family.

Funny that I can't recall myself wanting a relationship so bad that it's on my Christmas wish list. I mean, I never really yearned or wished for someone to come and sweep me off my feet. They just came and the next thing I knew I was already in a relationship. Not necessarily in love though.

I don't believe in courting. I date but no courting please (either you or me). I find courting pretentious and a complete waste of time. If I like someone and that someone likes me (he/she has to explicitly say this though, subtle cues are not entertained), then I immediately suggest that we go try to be together. Why beat around the bush?

Courting, at least for me, is pretentious because one will always try to put his best foot forward. And this works both for the courter (is there such a word?) and the one being courted (courtee?) assuming that they like each other. They both try to project only their cute, cuddly, lovable and doable (pun) sides so as not to turn off or disappoint each other. But in the end of the day, meaning when they're already together, they realize that everything is not as colourful as it seems which, of course, will later lead to a bigger disappoint.

I've been in this philosophy for my past two relationships and I can say that this works for me well. I enter a relationship, try to be happy, enjoy and try to make things work. Everything one day at a time. Of course not all people subscribe to this idea so I only try this with someone who's willing to try or if I'm lucky, someone who has the same thinking.

However, and as I've mentioned, I'm not necessarily in love yet when I enter a relationship. The only thing I'm certain of is that I like the person enough for me to want to have a relationship with him/her. Love, if it happens, is very much welcome. If not, then it's time for me to go back into the sea. Lol.

But with all due respect to those who believe in courting, well, whatever floats your boat.

Ah. I remember the days when I was the president a group called Singles' Society which every December would assume the alias of  Samahan ng mga Malamig ang Pasko. Haha.


Look what I saw in Facebook

Vampire + Wolf = Volf. Hot.

listening to : Heaven Knows (This Angel Has Flown)

27 November 2009

The Sun Smiled At Me Today

Today I went out of my cave and:
  • gave Iyabear, the president of one of the organizations I am a member, a copy of my form 5 (registration form) and 1x1 picture
  • watched some of the presentations in the 35th foundation day celebration of my college
  • bought a bottle of 400 IU vitamin E
  • bought vitamin C and E serum at HBC
  • bought some toiletries at Robinson's
  • was tempted to buy a new copy of Avatar anime series
  • got a new energy saving flourescent light (I busted the old one with a pillow last night, very mature I know)
  • saw a hot young skinhead daddy-o. And he kept smiling at me. Kidding.

That was pretty much my day today. Bah.

And oh, take a look at this

via twibbon

Somebody tell these people that the massacre already happened and we can't oppose much more stop it.
listening to: Limang Dipang Tao

26 November 2009

The Bum

This pretty much sums of my life now.

Bah. I've been doing nothing for almost a month now. And no, it's not that fun.

listening to: Little Miss Obsessive

25 November 2009

Summer Sunshine

It was one fateful April when I first saw you. You were standing in the eternally green grass of Freedom Park. Your hands were in your waist, your body soaked in sweat and you  were catching breath. You weren't special. You were just like any other sports enthusiasts who enjoy their hearts out playing in the field. I couldn't care less about you. I hated sports. I hated standing under the scorching heat of the sun. I hated sweat. But then you looked at me. Everything was changed.


It was one fateful June when our paths crossed again. I was at my favorite fast food in Vega. I just wanted to eat. And so I went to the counter. There was nothing special in the menu. Same old meals. Same old drinks. Same old crew. But when I looked behind me, I saw you. You were right behind me and we were only an inch apart. You weren't special. Shorts. Shirt. Sneakers. Anyone can go out with that look. I couldn't care less about you. But you smiled at me. Everything was changed.


It was one fateful month of September. I was in the classroom waiting for my professor to arrive. There was nothing special that day. I'm in the same old room, doing the same old things I do while waiting. I was chatting with my same old friends. I wasn't expecting anything extraordinary. I just wanted to see my professor so as to know what the special meeting is is all about. Our professor arrived explaining stuffs that I failed to understand. I felt like dozing off. But then the door opened.  There were unfamiliar faces coming in. I didn't care about them. But I saw your face. You were with them. Really, I couldn't care less. But you looked at me and smiled. Then you sat beside me. Everything was changed. I was changed.


It is one fateful day that is today. Today marks exactly a week from now when we decided to do something new, something we both haven’t done together before. We exchanged messages, good mornings, goodnights, hellos and how are yous. We talked, we went out, and we had fun. We silently sneaked out when everyone was busy. We spent seven exhilarating days. Seven days of bliss. But we both knew that this has to end. And the best day to end this is now. I tried to say goodbye in person but you wouldn’t let me. I mustered all my courage to break the news but I lost it all the moment you hugged me. I started to melt. I wanted to cry. But I have to this if I really care. Now, longing will be made flesh. We will grow, but we will grow part. No promises will be broken for no promises will be made.*


It is one fateful day that is today.

*Louie Cano

Justice for the Victims of Maguindanao Massacre

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UPLB Babaylan, Ang Ladlad and COMELEC

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I am a member of UPLB Babaylan.

24 November 2009

From the Top

If I believed in an outside force that we wanted to call God,and I believe that there is one, I think God would appreciate what I say, because I can't see God wanting to create a world full of idiots.
- Marilyn Manson
Pipo is a part time blogger, part time bum and a full time Human Ecology student who dreams of being either a public relations officer, communications officer or training and development specialist of a corporate company. He then plans to quit the job after three to five years of being hired and apply in a firm that gives him a job on a per project basis thus allowing him to have long healthy breaks from work.

Before becoming a human ecology student, he was a computer science major but decided to shift course because he thought the latter course is for unhappy people. He almost became a development communications major but he decided not to pursue it despite the warm reception he received from the Dean of the college offering that course. Yet he considers that action the wisest decision he made in his whole life so far. He's now a proud human ecology, environmental, and sustainable development advocate.

He went to New Era University for his primary education not because he's a non-practicing catholic but because it is the nearest non-sectarian private school in his home. He attended his first year in secondary education in the same school but decided to transfer to a public school in far-flung yet uber nice town called Alfonso in Cavite. During his stay in that public school, he received tons of medals enough for him to have osteoporosis if only his bones were on weak side. He used to be proud to have graduated as class valedictorian until he went to the University of the Philippines and met dozens of people who graduated with the same title.

In his 22 years of existence, he discovered several things about himself. He discovered in the fourth grade that he's not an alpha male when he melted after a bully classmate defended him from the bully in the other class. He started to question the Catholic church when he was in second year high school but still continues to have faith in the Creator. In his first few years in college, he discovered that he doesn't want to get rich because of the uncertainty that he will be able to give back what he will receive. Yes, he believes in karma but he doesn't do good things because he wants good karma - he does it because it feels good inside. Other things he likes you to know are the following:

  • He's not a morning person
  • He's not emo and will never be one
  • He loves music.
  • He dips french fries in sundae
  • He's impulsive
  • He sleeps talk
  • He loves iced tea
  • He doesn't like sweating (on the second thought...)
  • He's lazy
  • He's a chocoholic
  • He judges people (but keeps it to himself)
  • He (sometimes) worries too much
  • He easily gets stressed
  • He doesn't like travel and travelling
  • He has peter pan syndrome
  • He loves reading
  • He's good in lying

He recently joined UP Babaylan Los BaƱos.

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