30 July 2010

Pervert Alert

Magkatabi kami sa jeep. Paulit-ulit nyang niru-rub yung binti nya sa binti. Di ko pinansin. Pagbaba sa SM North Edsa, naramdaman ko na sinusundan nya ko. Nagpanic ako. Lumiko sa unang likuan na nakita ko. Wrong move. Papuntang CR pala yun. Para di mapahiya, pumasok na din ako. Umihi sa urinal. Buti na lang may bantay yung CR kaya di nya ko tinabihan. Lumabas ako, nagmamadali. Pag tingin ko sa likod ko, hindi na nya ko sinusundan. Papasok na sya ng mall, papunta naman ako sa MRT North Ave station.

Pag dating sa MRT, boom! Nandun din sya. Nagkagulatan kami. Kinausap nya na ko. Ano pangalan mo? San Ka nagttrabaho? Taga saan ka? Ewan ko pero sumasagot  naman ako. Pero pinapahalata ko sa kanya na asiwa ako. Di nga ko tumitingin sa kanya. Pagsakay sa train, tinabihan nya ko. Kung makatitig sya akala mo kaming dalawa lang sakay ng train. Badtrip. Buti na lang di na nya ko sinundan pagbaba ko sa Shaw Boulevard station.

Ayoko talaga sa mga ganun.

25 July 2010

Yeah, right. Ouch.

Siya: Di kn nagtext ah.

Ako: Wrong send ka.

S: Sau yan.

A: Ah. Dati kasi pag may ganyan bihira tayo magtext. Di lalo na ngayon. Tska marami ka naman katxt. Tska wala ako sasabihin.

S: Musta k? Dating k?

A: Dating? As in nakikipagdate? Hindi.

S: Mahal m p dn b aq?

A: Lasing ka ba? Kasi kung oo, wag mo ko itext ng mga ganitong bagay.

S: Ano b sagot dun? Kc aq d q n alam eh. Gs2 q malaman kng nalilito k dn b.

A: Di mo na ako mahal. Yun lang yun.

S: Ikaw? Ano nraramdaman m pra sakn ngaun?

A: Mahal kita pero pinipilit ko na wala ng maramdaman.

S: Pinipilit q makipagdate sa ibang tao pero wlang nkkpantay sau. Nkakainis.

A: Wag ka maghanap ng katulad ko kasi mauulit lang yung nangyari saten. Di katulad ko ang kelangan mo.

S: D aq naghahanap ng katulad m. Ibang iba sau ung mga cnusubukan qng idate. Pero wla ngang pumapantay sau. Sa talino, sa itsura, sa ugali.

A: I'm the best that you can possibly have. Pero you don't need the best.

S: Ayoko mag-settle.

A: Bakit?

A: Tska ineexpect mo naman yan db. Sinabi mo yan saken ng madaming beses. Di ka na yata dapat magtaka.

First, sa totoo lang nadurog naman ako dahil nakikipag-date na ulit sya. Ano yun? All of a sudden ready na sya sa isang relationship? Five weeks ago di nya kaya matali sa isang relationship tapos ngayon ready na sya? Gaguhan (na naman) ba 'to?

Second, nalilito sya. Nalilito sya kung mahal nya (pa) ako? Wow. Tagos. Ako hirap na hirap na pigilan yung nararamdaman sa kanya. Tapos sya nandun na sa point na di na sya sigurado. Maybe I should congratulate him pala. He's really starting to move on.

Third, what's with the I-can't-find-anyone-better-than-you-realization? Gimik ba 'to? Kasi iba yung sinasabi nya sa nalalaman kong ginagawa nya eh.

Lastly, what breaks my heart most is to know that he's in pain.

22 July 2010

Diploma, Death and Dr. DILF

I was in Powerbooks at Megamall this afternoon when I received a call from Ms. HR.  Actually, I texted her and asked for the schedule of orientation and contract signing. It was supposed to be this week but she told me that it would be on the first week of August instead. I felt a lil bit sad because I was excited to start working. I've been praying for a really big distraction for weeks now and working is definitely the biggest distraction I could have.

But looking on the bright side (coz I have no choice), the delay means a few more weeks to enjoy freedom. Though honestly, I'm not exactly sure how to spend that freedom. I'd prolly watch lotsa movies (Inception, Airbender, Salt, Despicable Me, Eat Pray Love). Or maybe get drunk in Elbi again.

Speaking of Elbi, I was there this morning to get my diploma and request a copy of my transcript of records. I saw my academic adviser and we had a little chitchat. Btw, my adviser is uber cool. She's much updated with the shenanigans of my no longer existing love life. Problem is she only has a bird's eye view so she took her turn in asking me the juicy details. I told her.

After having lunch with a couple of friends, I went back to Manila to die. I went to Clinica Manila to have what they call pre-employment medical examination. I hate doctors, dentists, hospitals, clinics and needles. Especially needles. I was shaking so bad that the nurse who had to extract a sample of my blood gave me a few minutes to calm down. And breathe. The shaking didn't end there. I was shaking when they were getting my BP, pulse rate and chest xray. I heard the word relax gazillion of times.

The only time I didn't shake because of fear was during the physical examination. The doctor is a total DILF. His hands were all over my body - back, neck, chest, and abdomen. But for medical reasons of course. Hahaha. I was disappointed though that he didn't ask me to take my clothes off. I remember stripping down during the required physical examination in my school. Had Doctor DILF asked me to strip, he would have found what's missing all his life. Hahaha.

Anyhoos, I would go back to the clinic tomorrow for the pupu sample. I hope to see Dr. DILF again.

OneManga is closing down. I'm not a manga fan but I know a handful of friends who are gaga over manga.

21 July 2010

Make or break Tuesday

Yesterday was a make or break day. I had my final interview for a job that I applied for two months ago. I really like the job. But I was sort of getting hopeless because two months of waiting and bumming really sucks. Also, I failed to take the initial exam the first two times they wanted me to take it. I was busy. Busy being broken hearted. Bah.

Anyhoos, I passed the final interview. It was a panel interview that took two unnecessarily long hours. I got the big boss talk more than I did by asking him questions. Hehe. But I admit I was pretty nervous because I didn't know that it would be a panel interview. It also didn't help how to impress a lawyer. Big boss is part of the panel and he's a lawyer.

One of the interviewers looked really masungit and uninterested. I think she just asked me two or three questions. One of which was about my knowledge of the company. I was thisclose in giving a wrong answer. Instead of saying the name of one of the businesses of their company, I almost said the name of their biggest competitor. And I think she sensed that. Lol.

I also stuttered, mispronounced words, and digressed a couple of times. Hehe. But I did some of the digressing on purpose. I sensed that their eyes glow whenever I talk about certain topics, events or people that they are familiar about. Let them indulge, I said to myself. Lol.

But I sensed that I passed the interview when they started nodding at each other. Then Big Boss started talking about their existing projects and their future plans. And he was addressing me as if I'm already part of the group. I was trying my hard not to smirk when he kept on doing that. Hahaha.

I'll sign the job contract this week.

Yeah, I was supposed to blog about this yesterday. But the BV really got into me and it overpowered this GV. Yaan nyo na naihabol naman.

I wanna watch Adolf Alix's Muli. Three reasons: Sid Lucero, the songs, and Sid Lucero.

20 July 2010


We can't be together anymore. I get it. But that doesn't make me love him less. And it also doesn't make me wanna get rid of him. In fact, I still want him so bad that if being friends would be the only way to still have him around, I'll take it. I'd take whatever he can give.

But this I-wanna-know-everything thing that he's doing makes me rethink if the friendship is really worth the pain. He's been trying to find unmentioned faults that I did when we were still together. It's as if finding such faults would make him feel less guilty and relieve him of the pain (and shame?) he's experiencing. Relief at my expense. That's the way I see it.

I didn't know trying to be friends with him could be this hard.

17 July 2010

The Song

I miss you.

15 July 2010

Boy Next Door

I've been using the pink boy next door tag for quite some time now but I haven't really read a definition of the phrase boy next door. So I did a little research and found these very interesting definitions.

Ordinary man or boy: a type of man or boy who is unaffected, approachable, and perceived as similar to yourself

The boy next door is an archetype of storytelling. He is often invoked in Western contexts to indicate wholesome, unassuming, or "average" masculinity. He is a young man with a sweet, shy demeanor who is just discovering his physical and spiritual strengths. The boy next door maintains his innocent wonder due to his charm, sincerity and preservation of virginity. He is never arrogant and mostly reserved.

A regular, typical boy, as opposed to a superstar.

A teenage male, very wholesome and unassuming, and maintains an innocence about him. Very sincere, sometimes shy, sometimes confiedent and rarely arrogant. A sweet boy, someone who girls are proud to bring home to their parents because of his charm, demeanor and sincerity. Very innocent when it comes to romance, almost always a virgin.

But these are my favorite definitions, still from UrbanDictionary.com

A shy boy. Often loved by all females in the neighborhood secretely. Basically, a shy man-whore.

A shy, very nice guy. Usually blonde and/or blue-eyed. Can be portrayed as innocent but is secretly deceiving.

I suddenly remembered this pretty boy from this
McDo advertisement.

Up to 80% sale at Powerbooks
And according to Toxic Disco Boy (via his FB), Topshop/Topman is having a sale too.

Too bad I'm broke. My monthly allowance now is only 1/3 of what I used to receive.

I was a having a conversation with a friend and we happened to talk about kissing. He said that a really good kiss can make him cum. Interesting. Now, I wonder, are good kissers born or made? There's a poll in the sidebar. Tell me what you think. *smirk*

11 July 2010

Turn ons

I'm quite reserved when it comes to sex and sex talk. I don't know much about it and I definitely haven't experimented much. But as of late, I feel the need to learn more about it so I would deliver better next time. *smirk*

I was chatting with this new friend when he popped the question, "what turns you on?" Lemme share my response to his question.

Smut. I love smut. My first taste of smut was from those sleazy tabloids like Abante (Xerex) and Toro. We have a jeepney driver neighbor who always buys such tabloids. After reading it, he leaves the paper in a nipa hut which was a common place where we neighbors hang out. I would secretly get the paper, read in it the comfort room and jack off. Hahaha. Between video porn, image porn and smut, I'll always settle for smut.

Dirty talk. Come on. Men are meant to be dirty. And dirty talk is music to my ears. ;)

Men in uniform. Police and military men especially. The mere presence of these men wakes every part of my body...particularly that part. Haha. Problem with these species, however, is that there are few who has face value. I don't put much value on their looks but a decent face is still important. But 90% of the time, I'm just ogling at their body. Those big arms, broad shoulders, and their it-can't-get-any-bulgier-than-this crotches.

Straight porn. I like gay porn but straight porn makes my horny hormones hit the roof. Don't get me wrong though. I only like straight men in porn and not in real life. Hehe.

Facial hair. I don't want a pretty boy. I don't want my man polished. I want him rugged. And facial hair makes one man rugged and hot.

Makeup sex, anger sex, and partially inebriated sex. There's just so much lust and passion in makeup sex and anger sex. My testosterone level hits sky high during make up sex or anger sex. On the other hand, I like having sex when I'm partially inebriated because I feel super. I feel like I can do anything. Anything. *smirk*

Ikaw, what turns you on?

10 July 2010

Hush hush

I wanted to tell you all my secrets...until you became one of them.

I wonder why some people just really suck in keeping secrets.

I consider myself pretty good in keeping secrets. Out of 10 secrets I have, only one will be revealed. And the most probable reason why it would come out in the open is because that one moron who I shared the secret with can't keep his mouth shut like the way he can't keep his hands on his pockets...or his penis in his pants.

Or maybe it's my fault. You see, I like sharing my secrets to at least one soul. But that's another story.

Most people see me as a boy who wouldn't break the rules. Not even bend them. Most of my friends think that I have nothing but good intentions and that I am made up of love, care, trust, hope, and all other four cute little words that you find in Hallmark cards. My charm works on both boys and girls. How can one one not fall for one sweet and innocent looking guy, right? But truth is I have a lot of skeletons in my closet just like everyone else.

I have committed many things that you wouldn't imagine I can do. These things I have done would make you rethink if I'm really the guy you know. Before you get too paranoid lemme just say that I haven't killed anyone (yet). That's too extreme. The things I'm talking about here are stuffs that you have heard or you may even know someone who have done it. But given my reputation and image, you really wouldn't imagine that I have done it.

Just recently, I learned that one of my secrets in no longer a secret. Apparently, the stupid bastard who was supposed to keep the secret as hard as I was trying to keep it couldn't help but share it to another soul.I don't blame him though for having the urge to share it and acting on that urge. I'm just fucking annoyed that he doesn't know how to choose the people he will a share a secret with. Especially that secret. Our reputations are now both at stake. Dimwit.

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