30 March 2010

Ma'am Emy

"Kaya nyo yan Pips. I believe in you. Don't worry about mistakes. They are part of one's journey towards self-improvement. Today is just a speck in your lifetime. Try to do well but never think that who you are and who you can become is determined by just today."

That was my academic adviser's text message before we left Elbi to present the result of our study to our bosses in Batangas.

With our bosses

And I think we did well in the presentation.

Thank you Ma'am Emy.

11 March 2010

XXX Dreams


I'm really not comfortable having XXX dreams. I have to admit though that its '"fun" but only 'till I wake up. I get extremely guilty afterwards especially if I was "involved" in those dreams.

Anyone here who gets the same feeling I get?

06 March 2010

Week 6

I look stupid, I know. Lol

Ate Iya's birthday!

Week 5

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