18 March 2011

Pilipinas, Tara Na! - DOT

Seriously, DOT?

Some part of me died when I saw this.

11 March 2011

Meet our pets

Meet our turtles, C and M.

C and M

C is snobby and quite be agressive when taunted. Instead of hiding in his shell when we try to touch his head, he threatens to bite us with his toothless mouth. I enjoy taunting him. *evil laugh*

M, on other hand, is meek. He retreats in his shell when we try to touch him. But he loves the sun. Most of the time he's on top of one of the rocks in their aquarium drying himself while C loves staying under the rocks.

They used live in this bowl-shaped aquarium but the clumsy hands of my man knocked a hole out of it. I was infuriated (yes, I'm very short-tempered).


So we bought a bigger one. Tip: if you're planning to buy an aquarium, buy one without sand, stones and artificial plants. It's way cheaper, probably only 1/3 of the original price of a "furnished" aquarium.

We used the sand and pebbles from the old aquarium.

We feed them pellets (Reptomin) twice a day. The first bottle lasted for almost three months but as they grow their appetite increases and it looks like the new bottle we bought will last for a month only. But my man thinks we should start feeding them small fish or worms to satisfy their protein needs. Also, they need veggies.

The hardest part in keeping turtles is that you have to change water very frequently. Turtles pellets make the water so cloudy you have to change it weekly. Plus, turtles poop a lot. You wouldn't want turtles as pets if you can't stand the repulsive smell and the slimy feel of water when cleaning.

But other than that it's nice to have turtles. You can stare at them and they'll stare back. Without blinking. Fun. And therapeutic.

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03 March 2011

Incredible Review: I Am Number Four

Verdict: Meeeeehdiocre at best.

source: iamnumberfourfans.com
Highlight: Pet dog turns into a giant, umm, dog with ferocious incisors. Everybody loves pets that turn into a trusty war confidante.

Lowest point: The entire first hour of the muvee. Seriously. And the entire film is around 1 hour and 45 minutes.

What's new? Nothing.

Too familiar scene: The running-for-their-lives scene on the school field. Too Hero-ish. Hello, cheerleader Quinn Fabray.

Why spend moolah on it? Diana Agron's pretty, pretty face. Alex Pettyfer's abs.

Why do something better than watch it: Diana Agron's acting. Alex Pettyfer's acting. Everybody's acting

*Incredible Review is my flimsy take on films, music, food etc. More reviews to come. I hope.

02 March 2011


I am completely demoralized and offended.

My status as a probationary employee ended last January. With the change in my employment classification comes salary adjustment, something I was looking forward to very much. Now, in the recommendation letter of my boss, he indicated a salary adjustment higher than what is supposedly I should be getting from being a probi to a regular employee.

I will be completely honest here and tell you that I, in one way or another, lobbied for that adjustment. Hey, I believe I deserve it.

This morning I received the "regular appointment" letter. I was all happy, happy, joy, joy until I noticed that the monthly compensation indicated in letter is not consistent with the salary adjustment my boss recommended.

I gave the letter benefit of the doubt. Maybe somewhere something went wrong. I tried to contact concerned people so I can inquire about the inconsistency.

Few emails and calls later, my supervisor gave me the bad news.

Lack of experience.

I felt not only demoralized but completely offended as well.

For more than six months, I played the role of two project assistants in two different divisions. It's  hard. I have three superiors and I have to take all their orders/request/and other what-have-yous.

For more than six months I played not only the role of two project assistants in two divisions but also of PC troubleshooter, messenger, graphic designer, clerk, admin assistant etc.

For more than six months I played the role of two project assistants in two different divisions, and at the end of my probationary period, I was given an outstanding performance rating by my supervisor and my boss.

For more than six months, I demonstrated the ability to do my job well  as reflected in my performance review. There were no instances where I wasn't able to do a particular job because I don't have necessary skills or experience to do the job.

Making lack of experience the ground for denying the salary adjustment I deserve is unacceptable. Coming from someone who doesn't know me and never saw how I work, the reason becomes offensive. If it were my immediate superiors or my boss who cited that reason, it would have been a different story.

This is not just about money. If it were, I would have resigned a month or two after being hired.

This is about having your ego boosted, your morale lifted. And a good pay is the least the company can offer.

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