28 October 2011


I live in a condominium my boyfriend owns somewhere in Mandaluyong, very near from the major thoroughfare of Metro Manila that is Edsa. It wasn't exactly my plan to live with him and I'm pretty sure it wasn't in his plans either. It just happened.

On weekdays when we have work, I wake up at least thirty minutes earlier than he does. I prepare the clothes we wear to work and other stuffs we bring with us. If I wake up really early and we have canned goods stocked, I cook them for breakfast. We skip breakfast most of the time but if we still have time, we eat in nearby tapsihan or carinderia.

After work, we hurry home as if we're not spending the rest of the night together. If we're not feeling lazy, we meet in SM Megamall, Shangri-La or Robinson's Pioneer to eat out. My boyfriend likes eating out. But most of the time we just eat in restaurants or food houses in or near the condominium. If we feel fat, we cook Korean noodles or whatever we have on stock instead. Our how-was-your-day-talk usually happens during dinner.

A month or two ago we started jogging almost every night, swim in the condominium's swimming pool, and lift weights after. This stopped when we went to Batanes recently. As a result, we have gained back all the weight we've lost. We're planning to start again soon.

After dinner and our exercise habit, we spend the rest of the night watching muvees or TV series - Big Bang Theory and Glee are our favorites - or surfing the web. We don't have as much sex as I my boyfriend wish to because I'm usually too tired after work or I'm not in the mood. This worries him because I'm too young to have low sexual appetite so I'm working hard on it. Lately, we started to be more experimental and he's happy with it.

On weekends, he wakes up late but I still wake the same time I wake up on weekdays because my body clock can't differentiate workdays from non workdays. I am addicted to the internet so the first thing I do in the morning is check my iPod, Trism bon Cavalish, and check my mail, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

My boyfriend is usually grumpy in the morning especially when he wakes up and I'm not in bed with him. He reminds me of myself when I was younger. When he throws a fit, I calm him by crawling back to bed, kiss him and hug him from his back. When I'm in no mood to appease him or when I'm too absorbed browsing the web, I just ignore him. We usually have small tampuhan when I do this.

We live a pretty quiet and domesticated life. We go out drinking occasionally but we rarely go out with friends anymore to drink. He spends Thursday nights with his office mates playing badminton while I opt stay home. I have two best friends but we rarely see each other. One is already in Darwin, the other one is a nightwalker working in a BPO firm.

My boyfriend works in an IT company, I do social development work. He dreams of having his own business so he can quit his work. I plan to pursue my career social development but have teaching as my last profession. We dream of settling in a quiet place far from the hustles and bustles of the metro. We are also considering settling in another country, Australia being our top choice.

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