24 November 2009

From the Top

If I believed in an outside force that we wanted to call God,and I believe that there is one, I think God would appreciate what I say, because I can't see God wanting to create a world full of idiots.
- Marilyn Manson
Pipo is a part time blogger, part time bum and a full time Human Ecology student who dreams of being either a public relations officer, communications officer or training and development specialist of a corporate company. He then plans to quit the job after three to five years of being hired and apply in a firm that gives him a job on a per project basis thus allowing him to have long healthy breaks from work.

Before becoming a human ecology student, he was a computer science major but decided to shift course because he thought the latter course is for unhappy people. He almost became a development communications major but he decided not to pursue it despite the warm reception he received from the Dean of the college offering that course. Yet he considers that action the wisest decision he made in his whole life so far. He's now a proud human ecology, environmental, and sustainable development advocate.

He went to New Era University for his primary education not because he's a non-practicing catholic but because it is the nearest non-sectarian private school in his home. He attended his first year in secondary education in the same school but decided to transfer to a public school in far-flung yet uber nice town called Alfonso in Cavite. During his stay in that public school, he received tons of medals enough for him to have osteoporosis if only his bones were on weak side. He used to be proud to have graduated as class valedictorian until he went to the University of the Philippines and met dozens of people who graduated with the same title.

In his 22 years of existence, he discovered several things about himself. He discovered in the fourth grade that he's not an alpha male when he melted after a bully classmate defended him from the bully in the other class. He started to question the Catholic church when he was in second year high school but still continues to have faith in the Creator. In his first few years in college, he discovered that he doesn't want to get rich because of the uncertainty that he will be able to give back what he will receive. Yes, he believes in karma but he doesn't do good things because he wants good karma - he does it because it feels good inside. Other things he likes you to know are the following:

  • He's not a morning person
  • He's not emo and will never be one
  • He loves music.
  • He dips french fries in sundae
  • He's impulsive
  • He sleeps talk
  • He loves iced tea
  • He doesn't like sweating (on the second thought...)
  • He's lazy
  • He's a chocoholic
  • He judges people (but keeps it to himself)
  • He (sometimes) worries too much
  • He easily gets stressed
  • He doesn't like travel and travelling
  • He has peter pan syndrome
  • He loves reading
  • He's good in lying

He recently joined UP Babaylan Los BaƱos.


  1. natuwa naman ako sa test comment mong yan...wahahaha...aptly named title...and so I start reading here...


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