25 October 2011

Run for Pasig River 2011

My dear friend Allyne gave me invites to join the Run for Pasig River on 11.20.11. This is not my first time to join the marathon. We were part of the first Run for Pasig River back in 2009. But this time there is no group category. We'll probably run the 5k race.

Run for Pasig River 2009.

To know more about the cause, please visit their website. Registration ends tomorrow.


  1. Hi! I'm a college student and my NSTP class requires me to attend this event. I would love to meet a fellow blogger during the run, i'm currently reading your past posts and liking it. We're on the same field of blogging, sharing stories that happened to us in the real world. Followed you already, hope you can visit my blog as well. Thank you!

    Bei xx

  2. Hi, Bei!

    Thanks for checking out my blog and liking it. :) You have one dainty blog. Keep blogging. :)

    I have no idea if we can meet on the event as thousands will be joining but if ever you see me, say hi. I'll do the same if I see you. :)


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