31 May 2011

Incredible Review: Longganisa Sorpresa

Longganisa Sopresa at Sky Garden, SM North Edsa.

The Good: Service. I dunno with other people but service is a deal breaker for me. I'd go for mediocre product but with good service than good product but with terrible service.

The (Not That) Bad: I'm no authority in longganisa, or any for that matter, but but but the taste was meh. Only the Calumpit longganisa tasted great. But then again maybe it's not Longganisa Sorpresa's fault. Maybe I just don't like the taste of the four others.

The (Really) Bad: I like iced tea. Their iced tea tastes terrible. It's no excuse that iced tea is not really what they're selling. There are many commercial iced tea out there that taste good. Earth and Sky for one.

The Ugly: Your burp will stink for days.

Will I go back? Sure. But no more longganisa platter for me. Just the Calumpit. And definitely no iced tea.

*Incredible Review is my flimsy take on films, music, food etc.

08 May 2011

RIP Meemow

December 2010 - May 5, 2011
Sorry you had to starve to death in this cruel world. But i know you're doing very well now Turtlelandia - eating fish-shaped clouds, unlimited greenies, pellet ala mode and all that jazz. You will be missed. I love you.

Still breathing


Me I've been busy the past few weeks/months as we're doing this project that involves heavy travelling. We're so busy I only get to go home twice a week. I think the people in NAIA knows me already and expect to see me every after two days. It's fun coz I get to travel but my body is getting worn out from all the travel and work. Just yesterday the doctor place my right hand on cast. I sprained my muscles and the doctor advised me take a week off.

But of course I can't take a week off. Lotsa work and travelling need to be done. I can't just leave it to my work mates.

Anyhoo, this is just a post to let you know that I'm still alive.



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