03 March 2012


I find it weird how people react when they learn that my parents separated when I was young and it was my grandparents who raised me.

I was five when my parents called it quits and was about six when Mama left to work overseas. Since then my lolo, lola, titas and tito took care of me

Most people give me a sad, pity look, say sorry for asking and change the topic stat.

Some probe further and ask me questions until they ran out of questions, they get bored or they realize that, really, the conversation is going nowhere as I'm not going to have a meltdown in front of them.

Worst are those who suddenly turns into a shrink and psychoanalyze me - WHUT: hey, maybe that's why you're so shy and timid. WTF: you didn't have a real father figure. maybe that's why you're gay.

I always dismiss people that I must have a hard time growing up. I had a perfectly normal childhood. I say it's normal because I don't see the need to compare my childhood with that of others. Also, I really don't feel I missed anything.

If there is one person I owe for having the childhood that I had, and for what I am now, it must be my lola.

My lola, or La as I call her, attended every PTA meeting in school. She prepared every breakfast, lunch, merienda, dinner and my baons at school. She was in all three graduations that I had.

I am fond of the days when fall asleep watching TV in the sala and wake up the following morning in my bed. I remember when I just pretend to be asleep so she will carry me to our bed.

She was up every time I'm down with fever. La rubs Vicks on my chest when I have cough or colds. She rubs my back too when I'm having a hard time sleeping.

I  remember a period in my life where every night I sing til my throat hurts or til I fall asleep. How painfult it must have been for her.

I was a lola's boy through and through. I was the first apo and so I was her favorite. Nine apos later, I still am.


  1. Well that explains a lot. :)

  2. Aw.

    That makes me miss my Lola as well. She is now in heaven with the other woman I love--my Mama.


  3. The people who taught us life and its idiosyncrasies are what defines us.

    You are lucky. :)


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