01 December 2010

Good job

My boss forwarded the email from HR reminding him that my probationary employment status will end late January of 2011 and that he should submit necessary documents should he decide to make me a regular employee. Of course he wants me to stay so he asked my supervisor to prepare the documents and draft a recommendation letter.

But how come he didn't asked me first if I want to stay? Hmmmm.

Truth is, I want to stay. I'm enjoying my job and I look forward to coming to work every weekday. Saturday not much.

There are just two things I don't like about my job. First, the busted AC. Second, the pay. The pay is meeh.

I can stand the busted AC. I can stand the pay too if not for the fact that I'm going back to school for my masterals degree late 2011 or early 2012.

One of the perks of having no siblings is that my Mom is willing to shoulder all expenses when I go back to school, allowance included. But but but I don't want that. It took me six years to finish my undergraduate degree. I want my Mom to spend the money she earns on her own. Yeah. Pride much.

But quitting my job won't do any good either. I need to find a new job before I quit the one I have now. And finding a job is haaaard. Especially on my field. And I find one, I'm pretty sure the pay will be meeh too. I don't have much under my belt to boast yet.

So yeah I'll prolly sign the new contract.

Congrats, Pipo!


  1. Don't you have a maintenance guy who could repair that busted AC?

  2. apir apir apir diyan! congratumulations!

  3. congratulations!!!

    welcome to permanent corporate slavery!!!


  4. congrats pipo! early xmas gift ata yan. :D

  5. astig! congrats philip! hihi :)

  6. Yeah, been there narin. As a Bio grad, mahirap din ang makahanap ng di "meeh" ang sahod. Buti nga at kaya pa ng mga kamag-anak ko na ipag Medicine ako. Wehe. Had a job lang as a Private English teacher to Koreans for 6 months. Yun lang job experience ko. Wehe.

  7. congrats!tyaga lang muna!

    mag abroad ka nalang!LOL

  8. was browsing through my dashboard kaya i eventually ended up here. :)

    congrats! this just means you did a great job and is at par with your boss' expectations.

    from someone more down the road (so to speak), i can say that it will be better if you get to plan ahead for your future. and the sooner the better. ako kasi i think i made a wrong move with respect sa career. i stayed too long sa field ko ngaun, e i realized na i wanted something else. shifting career is still a possibility for me, pero un nga, i find it a bit late na. i'm, er, basta matanda na ako. hehe. try considering it. para in the future you'll not have that moment na when you look back, you'll say na 'i should have done that' or along those lines.



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