31 December 2010


I'm just glad that 2010 will be over in a few hours.

This year has been full of highs and lows. But come to think of it, all years are like that no? Hmmm. Let's just say then that this year the highs and lows are extra higher and extra lower compared to the previous years.

Extra lows. I don't think I need to talk about this. It's no secret what I've been through, what we've been through. It was tough. The naive in me never imagined that it's possible for me to be a part stuffs I only hear or read about. But am glad that I was able to outwit, outplay, outlast that messy situation. I was scathed but not jaded.

Extra highs. This I should talk about. First, I finished college. Not everyone gets to finish college. After six long years, I walked the ceremony stage and got hold of a rolled bond paper tied with a ribbon that we call diploma.

Second, I got a job. A good job at that. I'm lucky to have landed a job that is what I was molded for when in school. I'm really satisfied with what I'm doing and I look forward in coming to work everyday. Let's just not talk about the pay. Hehe.

Third, the universe conspired and gave me this guy who is teaching me how to love and trust again. I haven't mastered the lesson yet. From time to time I lose grip but he never lets go and instead holds my hands tighter. Every day I learn and I get to be a better Pipo.

I think I'm ready for 2011.


  1. God bless peeeeps. hihi. happy 2011!

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  3. Pipo, you know I am quite fond of you and I await your stories. I have seen how you have changed (at least, in how you tell your stories) and it looks like you are happier.

    It is when we finally discover that we can give ourselves again... and again... and again... that we learn that we will never again lose ourselves completely. Love is a beautiful gift, you are lucky to find it.

    You know I always wish the best for you.


  4. happy new year pipo. so who's this guy we're talking about? ahemm. hehe

  5. Wow, nagka post ka...tagal na ha! Happy 2011 nga pala. Naks naman, congrats sa new guy and hopefully nga it will develop into another love story (nang magkakulay 2011 mo!). Weeee!

  6. happy for you pipo! buti naman at naka-get over kna sa kanya :D

  7. iba talaga nagagawa ng pag ibig hay



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