12 January 2011

What kept me from blogging

Let's pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars some people actually care whether I blog or not...

I've been really really very busy in the last two months of 2010. Too busy that I was lucky if I get 5 hours of sleep and I get to go out on a date with him(Ha!). I barely blogged and I haven't read any blog the whole month of December. Unlike previous months where the first thing I do when I arrive in the office is read personal emails, open my Facebook & Twitter, and read new entries from the blogs I follow, I occupy myself with work-related stuffs stat after I enter the office door. No, actually, while travelling on my way to work I'm already working. Without any decent sleep and rest, my body was running on sweets, Berocca and sheer will to deliver.

I'm not exactly complaining though. But it would have been nice if we had one more pair of hands at work so stress and fatigue didn't have to make us get into each others nerves. Okay. I think I'm complaining now. But not on the job or the business just the shortage in man power.

Moving on.

Well, this post is really just an excuse so I could post some pictures and preserve memories. Whatever that means. Here it goes.

1. Christmas party with the preschoolers of Talungon Day Care Center in Bais City

2. Distribution of proceeds from Alay sa Bayan National Can Project

3.  Christmas party for indigent children from Mt. Banahaw

4. PJ Lhuillier Museum tour for graduate scholars

5. PJLFI Christmas party

6. PGH Cancer Institute Outreach

7. Blood drive in partnership with Red Cross

8. Thanksgiving Mass officiated by Fr. Fernando Suarez

9. Outreach for kids of St. Andrew Parish

10. Gift-giving to security and utility personnel of PJLFI


  1. Very nice Pipo. Ipagkakaloob ko sa 'yo ang crown ni Rosa Rosal. Mabuhay ka. Mwah! =)

  2. Oh you were in Bais? I should have known! Darn!

  3. yey! you're back pipo :) miss reading you.

    welcome back! =D

  4. Haha. Sana magka time ka uli for blogging...

  5. langya ka. kung nagpakuha pla ako ng dugo may pic ako ditey? char!

    seriously, hanga ako sa team nyo :)

  6. waheheh,, cool thing dud.. that's the noblest job in town.. All those fatigues and stress are just nothing. You've touched lives.. let me insert a link here. -



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