30 September 2011

A bird in the hand

I filed my resignation last month citing "an opportunity for me to broaden my horizon and refine my skills as development work practitioner that I cannot afford to miss" as the reason. That's not a lie but it's not the whole truth either.

A couple of weeks before I filed my resignation, I was offered a job, a project to be exact, by an NGO headed by a friend. I liked the project - its nature, the pay and most of all, the fact that I am in charge of my own time. I'm one of those people who work best working in their own pace.

With everything working well as planned, I was quite proud that I am somehow managing my career life well for the first time.

Then I messed up.

Proud that I was being hired without me applying to the job, I pushed my luck and applied for other jobs, high paying ones, that is.

I reached the final interview of one company who expressed interest in having me. I was confident that I have everything they're looking for and more. But right after I answered the first question my would-be manager asked me, I knew I fucked up the interview. I tried to save it, believe me, but then I was trying too hard and we both knew it.

I went home miserable.


  1. Test comment. I'm ditching IntenseDebate.

  2. yeah, what was the question pipo?

  3. i have a question, too.

    what bird was in you hand?

    or should the interrogative be "whose?"


  4. @rudeboy & sean

    Why are you leaving your current job?


    what is apt. lol ;p


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