11 September 2011


We've been anxious to get tested for quite some time now after figuring out that I may still be well within the incubation period when I donated blood to Red Cross last December.

The idea of getting tested made my stomach sick and my head paranoid. What if I’m positive? Who should I tell? Will I tell my family? What will they feel? How long will I live? How will I live my remaining years?

The boyfriend learned about The Love Yourself Project thru MGG. But as early as last month we have already inquired on getting tested in Mandaluyong Social Hygiene Clinic. Problem is testing in only in weekdays but we don’t have time on weekdays. Yeah, that’s stupid and ironic. How can you not have time for something that could very well tell if you’re gonna have more time to spend?

We arrived just a few minutes after the scheduled start but there were already 10 or so guys there, mostly in their 30s. We were asked to fill up a form while we listened to a discussion on HIV/AIDS. We then waited for our turn to be tested.

Nervous as hell, I was. I distracted myself by playing with my iPod but there’s I guess there’s nothing that can really distract someone when he is about to get tested. And the song in the AVP they were playing was not helping. I dunno what song is that but it’s downright depressing.

Before the blood extraction a one-on-one counseling was made. Was asked a couple of questions and the counselor discussed some more on HIV/AIDS. I was hesitant to give real information but I realized my life could very well depend on these people if I am positive so might as well tell them everything.

I’m a wimp so the blood extraction was one helluva painful experience. I was shaking so bad the medtech asked me to relax a couple of times. I was then asked to go get back in the waiting room. The boyfriend was already there.

The boyfriend is optimistic that we’re negative and so I couldn’t find any hint of nervousness in him while my stomach is driving me crazy. He was called, by MGG himself, to know the result of his test. He came back quickly, didn’t say anything but I knew he we was negative.

A few minutes and a few tummy somersaults more and i was called. I like the counselor who told me the result coz he told me right away, he was nothing like those doctors in soaps. Non-reactive, take care. He said smiling.

Relieved was more than I felt. I was happy, joyous. No more what-ifs, mo more paranoia, no more depression, and yes, no more tummy aches. I went back to the waiting area to fetch the boyfriend, proceeded to the reception to say thank and say goodbye to the TLYP team (the boyfriend introduced me to MGG as his boyfriend, awww), and went back to our normal life.

Thank you, The Love Your Self Project. And happy birthday, MGG!


Get tested. Not knowing will not make HIV/AIDS go away.


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