29 February 2012

Early favorites

You guys watch The Voice?

I stopped watching American Idol after David Cook took the crown because it has gone really bland after that (though I must say I like Adam Lambert post-Idol). Then Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell leaving the show made it just really boring.

Anyhoo, season one of The Voice produced really good artists. On top of my list is Dia Frampton whose voice is very soothing and haunting at the same time. She made quite a buzz last season for topping iTunes downloads a couple of times. My other favorites are Xenia Martinez and Vicci Martinez.

Dia Frampton
Unfortunately, none from the first season has  proved to be commercially successful. Even season one winner Javier Colon, whose voice I find too common and mainstream, couldn't make it.

Season 2 started a couple of weeks ago and melikes to share my early favorites.

From Team Blake, the team with the best talents, the eccentric Naia Kete.

From Team Adam, the Glee-ish Pip Andrew

And my bet to win this season, from Team Cee Lo Green, the dorky sandwich maker Jamie Lono

Didn't like anyone from Team Christina. Methinks her team is the weakest just like last season.


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