12 February 2012

Jumping the broom

So the best friend, Chaching, and I were casually texting one morning a couple of days ago about the randomest things when she mentioned that she and her boyfriend, Lance, have marriage on their mind already.

Flashback a few minutes before our text exchange started, I was browsing the Facebook profile pages of my high school classmates and was somehow disappointed that most of them are either married or have children. Well, to be honest, what disappointed me was that few have children AND are married. So there.

Anyhoo, I asked her when did Lance proposed and she said no proposal happened. She reasoned that they were too old for that or something to that effect. The two have been together for quite sometime now, four or five years, and I must say that I think their relationship is really mature, not the type most people my age have, and theirs have nowhere to go but marriage. But, come on, I'm still hoping Lance would pull some tricks and do a proposal that would further make my best friend fall in love with him. Chaching deserves it.

Chaching asked me to be the wedding planner and one of the best man. I said yes right away to the wedding planner part. I have no experience in planning weddings but having seen so much weddings in movies I think I can pull one off. Also, I have two or three years to prepare so I'm confident. Hahaha. But I had to say no to the best man part because Lance and I, we don't know each other well. The groom's best man should be his best buddy, right? So I told him that I will be one of his bride's best man, the other one would be our bestfriend Ramphel. And as the wedding planner, there would be no bridesmaid. Ha.

So there. Thought you might wanna hear from me. =)


  1. Why not be the bridesmaid? You'd be a handsome bridesmaid I think. :)


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