14 September 2010

MRT Lesson #2

MRT Guadalupe Station.

Move over and go back to your Mom's uterus, Wolfgang Pauli. MRT has just defied physics. Yes, two things can actually occupy the same space at the same time now. People, actually. Sometimes three or more especially on rush hours.


  1. Reminds me of my Makati days. Very very true. Amazing how rush hour can defy physics.

    What I used to do after office hours was to take a south-bound train (since I was coming from Buendia), stay inside when it reaches EDSA Taft, find a seat and sleeeeeep. Next thing I know, I'm already in North Avenue. At least I get to rest comfortably :)

  2. Pwede pala yun? Di ako papababain?

  3. the town looks beautiful albeit crowded. would love to go there for a visit one day :)


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