15 September 2010

My TV Debut

Okay, that was a bit of a stretch. Haha. I was just on TV last *bleep*. A few weeks ago, I tried my luck by sending my resume to a talent search contest on local TV. After a few days, I received an SMS from a staff of the show confirming my interest to be part of the show on a particular date. I said yes and then I told all my friends by tweeting about it. Hahaha.

By the way, I was not chosen because I have the potential to be the next big thing (Hahaha). I was chosen because, ummm, I do something for a living. I work for a nonprofit organization so that makes me someone who actually does something for a living. Point is, if you want to be part of the show, you just have to have a job, time for taping, and you’ll be part of the show.

Anyhoos, we taped last week. I tagged along two friends so I wouldn’t look too lost when I get there and so I have someone who’ll take my pictures with celebrities. Too bad my second agenda for tagging my friends didn’t commence because (1) the celebrities didn’t join us until taping started and left immediately after and (2) the friend who was supposed to bring the camera left it while my phone died on me. Bleh.

The experience was ok bordering boring. All I did was sit, write scores, walk and smile for the camera. The show was more fun to watch in TV. At least the performances of the contestants. I dunno but they weren’t as good as they seem when you watch them in TV. Even the winner that night wasn’t that good.
I also had issue regarding the transparency of the scores. As part of the jury, I was expecting that I would actually see the scores are computed. But that didn’t happen.

The best thing about the experience though is seeing Tuesday Vargas. I’m a fan. She’s petite and pretty pala in person. And her tattoos. I want to get tattoos too. Maybe not as many or as big as her tattoos but I’d certainly have myself inked.

So there. I guess by now you know what TV show I’m talking about. I’m not telling you the exact episode though. I look bland on TV. Hahaha.


I wasn’t able to catch it on TV because I was in Mt. Banahaw when it aired. All my immediate relatives was able to catch it though and they were telling me that they’re proud of me. Mga Pinoy talaga. Haha.


  1. was in a couple competitions before, and I agree.. the scores NEVER seemed to be tabulated and the winners were usually chosen even before the whole thing began...

    well.. that's how harsh life is in the entertainment world...

  2. @Ms. Chu Yes!

    @Takashi I suspect that's true.

    @Lash Umm, thanks? Hoho

  3. HAHAHAHA! you didn't tell me about it! hhhmmmm! I'll look for videos though. HAHA!

  4. haha post mo d2 ung link kung meron mang youtube or Hulu vids un! :)

  5. @superain eh kasi nag twwet na ko. tska narealiza ko na ayoko panoorin ako ng mga kakilala ko. lalo na mga taga elbi. haha

    @soltero wag na. di maayos rehistro ko sa camera. hahaha. joke lang. kahit sa totoong buhay naman. =P

  6. ang daya

    aka vinz

  7. もうすぐ年末、何かとお金が必要な時期に朗報!!楽して稼げる高額アルバイトを紹介します。家に居ながらにして驚きの高収入を得られます。年末年始をリッチに過ごしたい人必見!


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