28 September 2010


I've been going out a lot lately. A lot by my standards, at least. I was never the outdoorsy type. I'd rather stay at home and have DVD marathon while binging on my favorite ice cream flavour and some chips.

Pero I haven't declined any invitation to go out this past few weeks be it coffee, beer, dinner or watching a dance competition. I dunno. I feel that I have so much catching up to do. Also, my social life has become non-existent since I started working two months ago. My shift is 9am to 6pm. Travel from Quezon City to Makati is approximately two hours. MRT is hell. I'm very tired when I get home.

I skipped work today. I have sore throat and colds. Last Saturday I was walking in Skygarden at SM North Edsa when I felt that my sense of balance was off. I had to stop. Must be the colds messing up my ears.

I shouldn't have skipped work. Doing nothing is depressing. I'm bored to death. I'm thinking (and tweeting) that I should go get  a drink tonight. Drew said nawawala sipon nya pag umiinom sya ng beer. I asked if it's okay to drink if i have sore throat. I think not.

I've been tweeting with Tristan the past few days. I knew him since last year. He made me cry a while ago. I told him I don't wanna cry anymore. Three months of crying is enough. I just wanna be happy again.

I like hugs and kisses. And cuddling. I could do it all day. If you're one of the people who I keep on asking for a virtual hug and kiss, please bear with me. I chose you because I trust you.

It's a  good thing that vitamin C is water soluble. I've been taking at least four capsules everyday since Saturday.


Have you seen the first episode of Glee? I really liked Telephone.. And I find Sam hawt. I wonder how much wonder and pleasure can those lips of him do. I'd love to mouth fuck him.

I feel weightless.

I'm digressing.


I accepted the friend requests of a couple of bloggers on my Facebook. I think they're nice. Like Nimmy. Nimmy is sunshine materialized.

Back to the dial-a-friend thing.

I'm free Saturday nights and Sunday whole day. Let's just not go out too late on Sundays. I have worked on Mondays and I don't like skipping work. It makes keeps me sane.


  1. Add mo din ako sa FB...hehe...
    hope you'll be fine soon...health-wise and heart-wise...;-)

  2. nagulat ako sa 4 capsules of Vitamin C everyday. hindi ka ba naooverdose??

    get well soon pipo. :)

  3. wow! na-touched naman ako dun. thanks. pak na pak!

    hope you'll feel better soon. eto sa'yo *hugggggs*


  4. @lasherations sure! but only if you use your "real" fb account. :)

    @jepy di naman. umiinom na lang ako madaming tubig. thanks, jepoy. :)

    @nimmy thanks, sunshine! hahaha. iba yan sa real life hug, okay? =P

  5. ginawa ko din 'yan n'on. effective pramis. mabisang pamatay ng mga gagong hindi natin dapat iniisip.

    PS. pede ba ipa LBC ko na lang si Princess Peach? nakukyutan ako masyado sa'yo eh. lol

  6. @alter di pa ko dapat magco-comment kasi gusto ko may at least three comments bago ko magreply kaso natawa ako ng sobra sa comment mo! hahahahahahahahahaha

    pwede naman. kaso gagastos ka pa. pikit ka na lang pag nagkita tayo. tska may ibibigay ako in return eh. pero sige. kung di ka talaga komportable. hahaha.

  7. Iihiin mo lang din ang excess Vitamin C na yan. Inom ka na lang ng beer mas effective pa! O kaya ginger ale - diba good for sore throat yun?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Wanna watch at Shang this Saturday?

    It's better than staying at home.


    Invite bloggers you know. It will be fun!

    I think they're showing films from Taiwan.

    Come on!

  10. "...when I felt that my sense of balance was off. I had to stop. Must be the colds messing up my ears."

    "...good thing that vitamin C is water soluble."

    wow...pwede ka na mag Med! haha. and to think Com.Sci ka ha! ur very well read. Yeah, A,D,E,K aren't water soluble, so don't overdose. All B vitamins are soluble too. Wahaha.

    "And I find Sam hawt." Ano bang nasa lalakeng yun? Ako din, nasa aura niya ata...or dahil ba stereotype siya ng American boy-next-door???

    " I'd love to mouth fuck him."
    Testosterone overload...hahahaha

    Keep updating...

  11. @drew may mga nagreact sa balak ko pag-inom e. haha. dapat pala DM lang ginawa natin. hahaha.

    di ko alam yung ginger ale. tska parang ansama ng lasa. =P

    @guyrony wow. sige. kaso di ako magaling sa pag-oorganize ng ganyan. plus i have very few blogger friends.

    @james i was a cmsc stud. then i shifted to human ecology. so i took a couple of biology and nutrition courses.

    salamat sa pagbabasa ha. =]

  12. gusto ko i-offer ang sarili ko sa dial-a-friend. kaso i'm so malayo dyan sa inyo =D

  13. oo naman! iba ang personal hug! ;)

    wow! ayan ang dami ng nagyayaya sa'yo! eeeeeeeeee. Ü


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