05 November 2010


Ten reasons why I don't think things can work between us.

1. I am a mess.

2. You're a mess.

3. I'm picking up the pieces only to realize that the pieces are slipping like sand through the spaces between my fingers.

4. You haven't even started picking up your pieces yet.

5. I need someone who'll help me pick up the pieces.

6. You're looking for help too.

7. I was, somehow, hoping you could be that someone in #5.

8. You are hoping that I could be the one who can help you.

9. I can't help you.

10. *you tell me the 10th reason(excuse)*

And yeah. These may be just excuses.


  1. if you say so, especially when it appears not worth the jump. - Jon

  2. baka yung tenth reason yung mag-ooffset sa lahat ng 9 na yan. :)


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