03 March 2011

Incredible Review: I Am Number Four

Verdict: Meeeeehdiocre at best.

source: iamnumberfourfans.com
Highlight: Pet dog turns into a giant, umm, dog with ferocious incisors. Everybody loves pets that turn into a trusty war confidante.

Lowest point: The entire first hour of the muvee. Seriously. And the entire film is around 1 hour and 45 minutes.

What's new? Nothing.

Too familiar scene: The running-for-their-lives scene on the school field. Too Hero-ish. Hello, cheerleader Quinn Fabray.

Why spend moolah on it? Diana Agron's pretty, pretty face. Alex Pettyfer's abs.

Why do something better than watch it: Diana Agron's acting. Alex Pettyfer's acting. Everybody's acting

*Incredible Review is my flimsy take on films, music, food etc. More reviews to come. I hope.


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