02 March 2011


I am completely demoralized and offended.

My status as a probationary employee ended last January. With the change in my employment classification comes salary adjustment, something I was looking forward to very much. Now, in the recommendation letter of my boss, he indicated a salary adjustment higher than what is supposedly I should be getting from being a probi to a regular employee.

I will be completely honest here and tell you that I, in one way or another, lobbied for that adjustment. Hey, I believe I deserve it.

This morning I received the "regular appointment" letter. I was all happy, happy, joy, joy until I noticed that the monthly compensation indicated in letter is not consistent with the salary adjustment my boss recommended.

I gave the letter benefit of the doubt. Maybe somewhere something went wrong. I tried to contact concerned people so I can inquire about the inconsistency.

Few emails and calls later, my supervisor gave me the bad news.

Lack of experience.

I felt not only demoralized but completely offended as well.

For more than six months, I played the role of two project assistants in two different divisions. It's  hard. I have three superiors and I have to take all their orders/request/and other what-have-yous.

For more than six months I played not only the role of two project assistants in two divisions but also of PC troubleshooter, messenger, graphic designer, clerk, admin assistant etc.

For more than six months I played the role of two project assistants in two different divisions, and at the end of my probationary period, I was given an outstanding performance rating by my supervisor and my boss.

For more than six months, I demonstrated the ability to do my job well  as reflected in my performance review. There were no instances where I wasn't able to do a particular job because I don't have necessary skills or experience to do the job.

Making lack of experience the ground for denying the salary adjustment I deserve is unacceptable. Coming from someone who doesn't know me and never saw how I work, the reason becomes offensive. If it were my immediate superiors or my boss who cited that reason, it would have been a different story.

This is not just about money. If it were, I would have resigned a month or two after being hired.

This is about having your ego boosted, your morale lifted. And a good pay is the least the company can offer.


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