11 March 2011

Meet our pets

Meet our turtles, C and M.

C and M

C is snobby and quite be agressive when taunted. Instead of hiding in his shell when we try to touch his head, he threatens to bite us with his toothless mouth. I enjoy taunting him. *evil laugh*

M, on other hand, is meek. He retreats in his shell when we try to touch him. But he loves the sun. Most of the time he's on top of one of the rocks in their aquarium drying himself while C loves staying under the rocks.

They used live in this bowl-shaped aquarium but the clumsy hands of my man knocked a hole out of it. I was infuriated (yes, I'm very short-tempered).


So we bought a bigger one. Tip: if you're planning to buy an aquarium, buy one without sand, stones and artificial plants. It's way cheaper, probably only 1/3 of the original price of a "furnished" aquarium.

We used the sand and pebbles from the old aquarium.

We feed them pellets (Reptomin) twice a day. The first bottle lasted for almost three months but as they grow their appetite increases and it looks like the new bottle we bought will last for a month only. But my man thinks we should start feeding them small fish or worms to satisfy their protein needs. Also, they need veggies.

The hardest part in keeping turtles is that you have to change water very frequently. Turtles pellets make the water so cloudy you have to change it weekly. Plus, turtles poop a lot. You wouldn't want turtles as pets if you can't stand the repulsive smell and the slimy feel of water when cleaning.

But other than that it's nice to have turtles. You can stare at them and they'll stare back. Without blinking. Fun. And therapeutic.

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