25 November 2009

Summer Sunshine

It was one fateful April when I first saw you. You were standing in the eternally green grass of Freedom Park. Your hands were in your waist, your body soaked in sweat and you  were catching breath. You weren't special. You were just like any other sports enthusiasts who enjoy their hearts out playing in the field. I couldn't care less about you. I hated sports. I hated standing under the scorching heat of the sun. I hated sweat. But then you looked at me. Everything was changed.


It was one fateful June when our paths crossed again. I was at my favorite fast food in Vega. I just wanted to eat. And so I went to the counter. There was nothing special in the menu. Same old meals. Same old drinks. Same old crew. But when I looked behind me, I saw you. You were right behind me and we were only an inch apart. You weren't special. Shorts. Shirt. Sneakers. Anyone can go out with that look. I couldn't care less about you. But you smiled at me. Everything was changed.


It was one fateful month of September. I was in the classroom waiting for my professor to arrive. There was nothing special that day. I'm in the same old room, doing the same old things I do while waiting. I was chatting with my same old friends. I wasn't expecting anything extraordinary. I just wanted to see my professor so as to know what the special meeting is is all about. Our professor arrived explaining stuffs that I failed to understand. I felt like dozing off. But then the door opened.  There were unfamiliar faces coming in. I didn't care about them. But I saw your face. You were with them. Really, I couldn't care less. But you looked at me and smiled. Then you sat beside me. Everything was changed. I was changed.


It is one fateful day that is today. Today marks exactly a week from now when we decided to do something new, something we both haven’t done together before. We exchanged messages, good mornings, goodnights, hellos and how are yous. We talked, we went out, and we had fun. We silently sneaked out when everyone was busy. We spent seven exhilarating days. Seven days of bliss. But we both knew that this has to end. And the best day to end this is now. I tried to say goodbye in person but you wouldn’t let me. I mustered all my courage to break the news but I lost it all the moment you hugged me. I started to melt. I wanted to cry. But I have to this if I really care. Now, longing will be made flesh. We will grow, but we will grow part. No promises will be broken for no promises will be made.*


It is one fateful day that is today.

*Louie Cano

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  1. Pipo,

    Maybe we shouldn't make promises.



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