29 November 2009

How About Tossing A Coin? Nah.

Bah. I'm confused.

The mock interview for our practicum (internship, on-the-job training) will be on December 16. In this interview, we will be asked on what firm we would like to be assigned who we would like to be our practicum mates. It's a toss between Blacksmith Institute and Pilipinas Shell for me on the practicum firm. I chose Shell before but Blacksmith Institute has a pretty interesting project going on right now.

With Pilipinas Shell, I'll probably doing corporate social responsibility work for them. Roughly, what I'll do here is come up with programs and projects for communities in and near the vicinity of Shell oil sites and other facilities. Communities near Shell facilities (or any other oil facilities for that matter) are affected by its presence as these facilities produce pollution in many forms. I'll be involved from brainstorming to implementation and maybe until post evaluation of programs and projects.

On the other hand, I'll most probably be involved in the Global Inventory Project of Blacksmith Institute. This is a worldwide project where pollution sites in a country are identified and assessed in order to help institutions (government, non government or private organizations) and the local communities solve the pollution problem. You can read more about it here.

I find both firms and the jobs they offer interesting. I must admit they're both good firms but Pilipinas Shell is flashier, and that would give a big plus in my resume. But Blacksmith offers a project that would benefit not just one community but, if you look at it a bigger perspective, the whole country and even the world. Didn't that just sound very beauty queen-ish? Haha.

And that's just problem number one.

I'm also confused who to choose as my practicum mates. I have four friends in mind but I'm more inclined to the other two. And I'm 99.99% sure that they want me as their practicum mate too. Now here's the catch. Aside from me, these two will also be choosing another person as their preferred practicum mate. Now this other person they like is someone I wouldn't want to be working with. To put it bluntly, I don't like that person. In effect of choosing the two people I like, I'll also be choosing the one that I don't like. Bah.

I have until December 15 to think. Would appreciate your opinions though.

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  1. sounds like an interesting job. sana nag human echo nalang ako.

    anywhoo... use power!!! force them to be join you and do everything to let that undesired person out!

    yun lang.

  2. that's evil. hmmmmm. but maybe i can. hmmmm.

  3. I know this is greatly unsolicited but indulge to pick your brain for a bit. I would pick Blacksmith Institute over Shell Pilipinas. Not that I have something against corporate hegemony or their sordid attempts to establish corporate responsibility in lieu of their questionable history.

    I would pick it for several reasons; a new and emergent project is an opportunity to spearhead change, corporate responsibility is blase on a very autocratic system and is grounded more on marketing than social work, the global scope of the offer is something than can really push for change and effect a lot more albeit benefit.

    As for the second issue, it's a toss-up. The reasons for your aversion with the person might be a misunderstanding, this I cannot gauge. But it would be a work setting, so civility will be expected at the very least. Productivity and effectiveness can sometimes also be encumbered when your company are all close friends. Distractions aside. Think about it.

    I would mull over these decisions, but I've always believed that the universe or fate will lead you to the better choice. You just have to be very intuitive and observant to see the signs. But it will come, in due time.

    For now, lighten up. Choices are good. Some people don't have those. It only means your heavily valued.

    Off topic, don't sound so cynical about being a dork. I am. And an eccentric one at that. Glee and House I follow quite religiously (got DVD's to prove this), but I prefer Blood over Vampire Diaries.

    Anyway, to each his own. As you say, bah.m :)

  4. Ello red the mod.

    Thanks for the brain picking. :D

    Hmmm. I think you make a good point. Blacksmith offers something new and something big not only in scope but in effect. Hmmm. But I still like CSR. =S

    I haven't mentioned that aside from working with my practicum mates, I will be sharing the same roof with them. We're not allowed to go home once the practicum starts. And I'm not sure if I can stand and be civil with that person for four months or so.

  5. Then I guess, you'd have to choose the other two people instead of your friends. You'd still be friends even if you don't end up being practicum-mates right? So you won't have to worry about the 4th wheel you despise. Ok that's too strong, maybe 'can't get along with.' It will but a dent on your productivity.

    Besides, this might be a good opportunity to grow new friendships. Maybe the other two friends need to spend more time with you so you guys can bond. While getting paid of course.

    Oh, and I meant True Blood.

  6. I'll take note of that. And yeah, despise too strong a word.

    Sige I'll try to watch True Blood. Tamang tama break ngayon ng Vampire Diaries at Glee.

    Oh. Thanks pala. :)

  7. well, it's really hard to think working with somebody that you really don't like

    but try to give that person a chance :) cheers!

  8. Update:

    I'm meeting my two friends and that one friend (let's call him S) on monday.

    One of the two friends texted me and asked me if we could to talk about "our plans" on our practicum. I said yes. Then she added if it's fine if S would come too. I said yes.

    I smell something fishy.

    Also, I'm adding ABS-CBN Foundation in my choices. I find ecotourism very appealing.

  9. Dear Red,

    They didn't picked me for Blacksmith. :[ I'm doing Globe instead.


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