28 November 2009

Gimme My Baby, Santa

The other day I asked a couple of my friends what they want for Christmas.

Not that I have the intention of being their Santa this year or any other year in the future but I just wanted to know what they yearn for this Christmas. Ok. Honestly, I was thinking that maybe if I can afford what they want maybe I'll try to get it for them. I just love the high I get whenever I'm able to give something to my friends.

Not more than a minute passed and my phone started beeping. In my mind I was already expecting a general answer to my question: material things. Not that I consider my friends to be materialistic, but come on, I'm not exactly expecting a beauty contest material answer from them either.
  • a John Grisham book
  • Stitch (the Disney character) earrings
  • yoga mat
  • pair of shoes from Artwork or Happy Feet
  • red rose
  • pants
  • anything I want to give them
  • a bonggang bonggang party in Bora
Methinks I can prolly afford these...if I don't get a gift for myself. Lol. But these things weren't the top answer. In fact, the top answer wasn't things at all but people. Yes, people. Apparently, my friends yearn for somebody not for something.

Half of my friends answered they want me for Christmas. I'm surrounded with retards you see. But the sane ones, luckily majority of them still belong to this category, said they want someone to spend their Christmas with. And they weren't referring to their family.

Funny that I can't recall myself wanting a relationship so bad that it's on my Christmas wish list. I mean, I never really yearned or wished for someone to come and sweep me off my feet. They just came and the next thing I knew I was already in a relationship. Not necessarily in love though.

I don't believe in courting. I date but no courting please (either you or me). I find courting pretentious and a complete waste of time. If I like someone and that someone likes me (he/she has to explicitly say this though, subtle cues are not entertained), then I immediately suggest that we go try to be together. Why beat around the bush?

Courting, at least for me, is pretentious because one will always try to put his best foot forward. And this works both for the courter (is there such a word?) and the one being courted (courtee?) assuming that they like each other. They both try to project only their cute, cuddly, lovable and doable (pun) sides so as not to turn off or disappoint each other. But in the end of the day, meaning when they're already together, they realize that everything is not as colourful as it seems which, of course, will later lead to a bigger disappoint.

I've been in this philosophy for my past two relationships and I can say that this works for me well. I enter a relationship, try to be happy, enjoy and try to make things work. Everything one day at a time. Of course not all people subscribe to this idea so I only try this with someone who's willing to try or if I'm lucky, someone who has the same thinking.

However, and as I've mentioned, I'm not necessarily in love yet when I enter a relationship. The only thing I'm certain of is that I like the person enough for me to want to have a relationship with him/her. Love, if it happens, is very much welcome. If not, then it's time for me to go back into the sea. Lol.

But with all due respect to those who believe in courting, well, whatever floats your boat.

Ah. I remember the days when I was the president a group called Singles' Society which every December would assume the alias of  Samahan ng mga Malamig ang Pasko. Haha.


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  1. ay teh, gusto ko nililigawan kez. haha.

    and i want a mernel's cake for xmas. ^^ yun lang.

  2. Dalagang pilipino? Haha. And that cake will make you fat (again). =p


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