27 November 2009

The Sun Smiled At Me Today

Today I went out of my cave and:
  • gave Iyabear, the president of one of the organizations I am a member, a copy of my form 5 (registration form) and 1x1 picture
  • watched some of the presentations in the 35th foundation day celebration of my college
  • bought a bottle of 400 IU vitamin E
  • bought vitamin C and E serum at HBC
  • bought some toiletries at Robinson's
  • was tempted to buy a new copy of Avatar anime series
  • got a new energy saving flourescent light (I busted the old one with a pillow last night, very mature I know)
  • saw a hot young skinhead daddy-o. And he kept smiling at me. Kidding.

That was pretty much my day today. Bah.

And oh, take a look at this

via twibbon

Somebody tell these people that the massacre already happened and we can't oppose much more stop it.
listening to: Limang Dipang Tao


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