15 April 2010

Team Uh at One Laiya

So one of the in groups ingroups I am part of, Team Uh, went to Laiya, Batangas last weekend. A get together of some sort as most of us are done with college. Team Uh is composed of no more than 10 indivduals, six of which were able to attend the Laiya trip. I'm not exactly sure how many are we in the Team but I'm sure we're no more than 10. And don't ask who the other members are coz I dunno either. Lol.

The place is called One Laiya Resort. It's nowhere near the likes of Boracay or Puerto. We can't afford that YET. Lol. It's a relatively new resort that is still being developed. Average cottages, no bars or anything fancy in the shore, night life is zero, rare sightings of hawtees. But the blue/green sea is great. And the corals. And the people. Enough talk. Here are some (low res) pictures.

Our cottage

Yummy watermelons.

Without Amak we'd starve to death


We made a bonfire where we cooked hotdogs without
marshmallows. I hate marshmallows.

We road a boat...

....and snorkeled. I barely tried it. I'm afraid of the waters you see.
Seriously, even with a life vest, I still sink. I dunno why.
I never removed my grip off the boat's, umm, balancer.

That was pretty much what happened on day one. Day two sucked. I had a high fever that I can't get up from bed. I had to lie down all day because I was feeling dizzy and nauseous. :( I suspect the consecutive all-nighters got into me. The rest of the team enjoyed the sand, sea and sex. Kidding. No sex. We're wholesome, ya see. More pictures.

Even with that damn fever the get together was fun. We're looking forward to Puerto next summer and hopefully with new Uh members. 

I love you Team. Thank you for taking care of me. =)


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