20 April 2010

Oh well

So I started looking for a job yesterday. I emailed my resume to, wait lemme check, four companies already. Mom said I don't have to work immediately. She told me that I should rest for a while and suggested that I spend a month at my Tito's house in Batangas. That was a tempting offer, really, but I had to say no. First, one month is way too long. I can't do nothing for more than a week. Second, I'll miss boyfie. Third, I don't want to waste job opportunities. Fourth, I want to save up for my master's degree. I plan to take my MS two years from now.

I appreciate mom's effort to remind me to take a break. But I really don't want to waste opportunities. There are not much opportunities for my specialization (Human Ecology major in Social Technology if you're wondering) so I really have to strike the iron whilst it's hot. She also promised to give financial support once I start taking my MS. Nice.

Mom and I were talking about these thru video call. It was cool until she asked me this question in a low, serious voice.

Mom: Pipo, may itatanong ako sa'yo.

*Kabado. Feeling ko itatanong nya kung bakla ba ako.*

Ako: Ano yun?

Mom: May girlfriend ka na ba?

*Seriously, ready na ko umamin sa kanya. Matagal ko na din namang inaantay 'tong moment na 'to eh. Kaso ayun hindi pala yun ang itatanong nya.*

Ako: Wala! Wala.

Mom: Ah. Tinatanong ko lang naman. Ok lang naman kung gusto mo na. Tapos ka na naman mag-aral. Napagtapos na naman kita. Nagawa ko na responsibilidad ko sayo. Buti nga tapos ka na kesa naman gayahin mo yung iba na di pa tapos mag-aral eh may ano na.

Ako: Wala. Wala pa talaga. Tska na yun. Magta-trabaho muna ko.

Mom: Ikaw bahala.

I was relieved. I think. But it could have been better if she asked me that question. Or maybe I should told her why I don't have a girlfriend...

Mom: Pipo, may itatanong ako sa'yo.

Ako: Ano yun?

Mom: May girlfriend ka na ba?

Ako: Wala, Ma. Wala. Pero may, umm, boyfriend ako.

Mom: Ano?! Bakla ka? Wag ka magbiro ng ganyan ha, Pipo. Di ba nagka-girlfriends ka na dati.

Ako: Di ako nagbibiro, Ma. Oo, nagka-girlfriends ako dati. Pero bakla ako. 

Seriously, I don't know how my Mom will take it. I'm her only son, her only child in fact. Point is, I don't know here that much and she doesn't know me too well either. She left the country to work overseas when I was barely six. But as early as six, I already knew why she had to leave so I don't have issues with her. Only problem is, we don't know each other that much.

Oh well.

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  1. hirap ng ganyan, i get asked a lot too pero the good thing is do have some chicks in the workplace that thay keep on hooking up with me... ganun ata tayong mga only son :)


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