22 May 2010

The Origin

"In the beginning, there were three sexes: man, woman, and an androgynous man/woman. Each of the sexes was round, like a sphere, with a face and two arms and legs on either side. They could walk forward or backward or tumble and roll on the ground. These three played and frolicked in the fields. But then, they foolishly challenged the powers of Zeus. For that, he punished them by splitting them in half, separating them, so there was two of each. What had been the double man (now two men), said Aristophanes, is the origin of gay male relationships…."

-Plato as quoted by Remoto, 2002


  1. have you seed hedwig and the angry inch? they have a wonderful rendition of that quote. they played with it and stuff.

  2. I googled it. I'll torrent the film. :)

  3. napanood ko na! ang ganda! the songs were A-mazing! :D <3


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