25 May 2010


As I was walking the streets of Mandaluyong, I realized something.

I don’t want to work (yet).

After my second job interview somewhere in San Miguel Avenue, I decided to kill time in Megamall. I walked, and walked, and walked and walked some more, aimlessly until me feet were feeling sore. I realized that what I have realized is a problem. A big problem at that.

As much as I don’t want to work (yet), I don’t want to be a bum either. I’m a boring person by nature. I even bore myself sometimes. That means I can’t afford not to do anything because I’ll probably go nuts.

Now how do I make ends meet?

I don’t want to work (yet) but I feel that I need to work. Mom would probably won’t mind if I rest for a while but it’s just not right. I’ve spent six years in college already. By not working as soon as possible, I’ll be a burden longer. And that’s just a shame.

I took a cab home and spent the whole travel tome convincing myself that this a just phase and I’ll get over it once I receive a job offer.

I texted Jap (my boyfriend) about my problem.  (By the way, my boyfriend is soooo sweet he met me at Megamall, and we had lunch together, and then he went with me to the find the building where the company I’m applying at is located. He did all these even if it meant he had to cut work.) He told me to think about what I really want.

Now that’s another problem. I don’t know what I want.


  1. san ba kasi nakakahanap ng boyfriend na sweet. directions please, lol :)

  2. perhaps you should take a hint from dear ol' confucious. he said if u find a job you love, u never have to work a day in ur life. what makes u happy ba?

  3. @arkin sa uplb! =p

    @citibuoy PR? Training?

  4. i dunno. for me it was training. although not everyday's perfect, the good stuff mostly outweigh the bad. :D

  5. @pipo: my guy, he's from uplb too :) i love uplb naaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :)

  6. @arkin? Seriously? Why do I have this feeling that there's a very good chance I know him? Haha

  7. am havin' the same dilemma..

    pero sabi nga ng kanta: "You can't always get what you want..But if you try sometimes you just might find..You get what you need."

  8. Yun nga eh. Ang hirap pagtagpiin ng kung ano gusto ko at sa kung ano ang meron. *sigh*

  9. aw Pipo. i don't think so. he graduated from LB when we were kids/hs palang. HAHA.

  10. Lol. When you were kids talaga ha? Okay, Lolo. =p


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