01 October 2010

Wishlist 2: Pushing My Luck

First, lemme say thank you to people who made my first (and not so grown up) Christmas wishlist a success. Woot! Thank you, guys! But seriously, what's wrong with you people? Buying a 23 year old plastic, I'm not even sure if those are "action", figures of Super Mario characters? Kidding! I <3 you. xoxo

Now due to popular demand (oh yes) I'm making a second set of wishlist! (Note: This is the point where you cry because of bliss).

However, to accommodate people who have the kindest heart but not an absurd brain to give me those Super Mario toys, my second wishlist will be a little more grown up. I want action figures of all the Pokemon characters!Kidding. But on the second thought.... Hmm.

Seriously, I want books this time. I like Jessica Zafra's Twisted series. I have Twisted 5, 7, 8 and 8 1/2. That leaves with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 to choose from. But wait there's more! Since I love reading (though I'm not well read), and to increase your choices, let us include any books that you want me to read. I read anything you see. Just not textbooks, okay? I'm done with them.

I like her but I'm afraid to see her. Methinks she'll slap me.
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Lest you accuse me of being a gold digger (gift digger?), lemme tell you that the books don't need to be brand new. I don't need brand new books. Just decent and readable books. Old books are just as nice as brand new ones. But that doesn't change anything, no? Gift digger pa din. Hohoho.

Oh well. I'm just pushing my luck here. =]


  • A certain Mr. Yu emailed me and  told that he'll gimme me some Heim, Hollinghurst and White. =D I'm not sure yet if it's ok with him if I put his link here.

  •  My Gramps is giving me Twisted, Planet of the Twisted and Twisted Menace. Yay! (P.S. Na-miss kita, Gramps!)

  • Enzo will give me his extra copy of Who Moved My Cheese


  1. hmmm.. books naman this time. ugh, i can't stand books honestly. ilang beses na may nagregalo sa akin ng books. sa dami ng nagbigay, i think isa (or dalawa) pa lang natapos ko basahin. haha! hope your 2nd christmas wishlist! :D

  2. err.. correction sa last sentence.. *hope you get your 2nd christmas wishlist! :D

  3. Hey, hey kiddo!

    As I promised sa CBox mo, I will give you JZ 143: Twisted, Planet of the Twisted and Twisted Menace.


  4. Who Moved My Cheese
    Spencer Johnson, MD



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