24 October 2011

Fountain of Youth

Part 1: Dios Mamajes
Part 2: Sabtang

Third day was rest day. Our only destination was in Mahatao to see what they call Racuaydi Nakavajayan aka Fountain of Youth. We drove from the hotel to the Diura Fishing Village and from there trekked to the fountain.

The trek was about an hour, not really tiring. There was also a great view of the sea on the way.

According to our tour guide, the first inhabitants of Batan island lived in the uplands near the now called Diura fishing village. On our way to the fountain, we saw several of stones where early Ivatans anchor their house.

When we arrived, the fountain was being renovated. The locals were fixing the falls probably to facilitate better water flow. But it was okay because there was an infinity-type pool overseeing the sea.

We first swam in the sea but found it too rocky so we settled for the pool. The water was so clean and crisp cold. Swimming in here is a must not miss so make sure you bring extra clothes if the place is included in your itinerary.

We spent the rest of the day in the hotel sleeping.


  1. Beautiful surroundings and a nice, relaxed pace, What more could one ask for?

  2. yep, very beautiful. and it looks best enjoyed with a loved one. :)

  3. Ayun, may follow-up post pala. Hehehehe. Love is in the air. Happy happy.


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