19 October 2011


Attended a job interview yesterday in one of the most prominent corporate foundations in the country. I was applying for a certain post but ended up being considered for two different posts with the same title I was eyeing. It was a panel interview, something I did not expect. More unexpected, I was interviewed right away by the assistant executive director and two program heads of the foundation, screw HR said their hiring process. But I had fun. In fact, that was the most fun interview I ever had. After the interview, HR told me that the panel was impressed with me.

Earlier this day went back for the final interview, this time by the executive director and president. The idea was crazy for me. I'm not applying  anything close to a management post. And it's not as if I am going work directly with them. Not when they have body guards on their tails.

I was stammering hard during the first few questions the president asked me to relax. When I started to relax,  words and thoughts came out naturally.  I told them what I know and what I can do. Nothing fabricated. At the end of the interview the president told me that he thinks I'm very articulate and I am able to express what is on mind and my heart.

I went out and the HR told me that they'll inform me on the result on Friday. She said there was one more applicant to be interviewed. I interpreted that as "I'm sorry, you didn't pass. Don't expect we'll contact you. Get lost now."

I wonder what went wrong.


  1. Don't jump to conclusions yet. Maybe there really was another contender for the post, and if there are only the two of you left standing like the final few seconds of the Miss U, then you have a 50/50 chance of winning, at least.

    Besides, from what you posted, there are at least three different positions they might be considering with you in mind.

    Best of luck, Pipo.

  2. Ayoko lang umasa. =| Pero salamat, Mr Rudeboy. =)

  3. yeah, don't count yourself out yet pipo. i think it's normal, and fair, for them to interview several people before they make a decision. good luck!!!

  4. wait and see, sometimes your nerves get in the way of sensing that you actually did good. :)

  5. mukhang makukuha mo pipo

    good luck!

  6. don't be so negative Pipo. :)

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  8. I'm having fun with your blue bird. Nice! I like one of those too.

    Hahaha nalost ako, di ko na natapos basahin ang post mo.


    Ayan tapos na. Remember somebody had just told you are impressive and articulate. Keep it up.

  9. I'm having fun with your blue bird.

    dabo, i swear, that sounds so wrong on so many levels.


  10. Dabo
    IKR. Haha. Go get one.

    Ikaw talaga. Haha

  11. I was just about to say that you will get the job and not to think so much on the HR told you toward the end of the interview. Great job Pipo! Good luck on your new career! Libre mo na ko ha! Hehehe! =)

  12. thanks Enzo! pag nakaipon na! haha


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