17 October 2011

Sabtang Island

First part: Dios Mamajes

Day 2.

We had to be up as early as 4:30 in the morning on day two of our Batanes trip coz we travelled from Batan Island to Sabtang Island via boat they call Faluwa.

Notice the water? It's really blue in real life.

Sabtang is just around three miles from Batan but faluwas leave early to avoid big waves. The two islands are separated by the Pacific Ocean and with a boat the size of faluwas, waves can be big and violent. Capsized boats travelling from and to these islands are not unheard of here.

Our Jack Sparrow
His Gibbs.

Weather was great when we left but an hour or so it started to rain and waves started to get big. I was scared as hell coz I dunno how to swim. To make it worse, they had to put some plastic cover of some sort similar to that in jeepneys so we won't get wet from the rain and waves. With an obstructed view and humid and suffocating air, I got seasick. Lols.

Nearing the shore the first thing that will grab your attention is of course the light house. Too bad tourists are not allowed to come near the Sabtang Lighthouse as the land where it is erected is a private land.

Sabtang lighthouse. 

Unlike Batan where many of the houses are already modern, most houses in Sabtang are still stone houses.

Less talk more pictures now.

We visited Chavayan, the southermost barangay of the island. Our van had to be towed though coz driving in the muddy road is too much for it. There are lotsa road development and renovation going on in the island. Good for tourism and trade and the economy in general.

If Batan has the oldest stone house in Batanes, Sabtang has the oldest person alive.

With the 104-year old Lolo Marcelo.

Another breathtaking view. According to our tour guide, installment of zip line is on plan.

I wasn't able to much take pictures of the food we ate as I was too consumed on the eating. Lols. But the food they served were really delicious, uvud being my favorite. Native Ivatan food were so delicious that for a few days all the food I ate in Manila when we returned tasted either crappy or mediocre. Haha.

Yummy greenies.

Flying fish yata.

Coconut crab.
Us, the vacay people.

The famous natural arc of Sabtang.

The obligatory jump shot, of course.

Day two ended with us having dinner in Batan lighthouse. Too bad it was too dark and all I got were crappy pictures.


  1. really nice pictures there. :D

  2. nice pictures do you edit them on photoshop?

  3. Thanks medie and sah. =)

    pics were edited but not on photoshop, just some online photo editor. =)

  4. I so love the pics!

    I would love to go to Bataan one of these days! I hope it would be sunny. And I hope it'd be not very expensive. =)

  5. Thanks, Lasher! I try hard to take decent pics. =)

    Best to go from March to June para di maulan. Pero kung gusto mo na malamig, December to Feb naman.

    Mag-abang ka lang ng sale (SEAIR or CashCashPinoy) para makamura. =)

  6. Hay naku, kung sumasahod na ako! Lagut kang Batanes ka!!!


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