13 October 2011

Real Steel, real deal.

Had a muvee date last night with the boyfriend. We saw Real Steel and it was awesome. It was good because it was straightforward, testosterone packed, and downright entertaining. I felt like a child again. Also, it made boxing waaaaaaay cooler.


Anyhoo, I would like to thank and commend SM Megamall and its security and utility personnel. I left a newly-bought watch in the table at the lobby of SM Cinema. I didn't noticed it was missing until we were supposed to leave. A utility guy found it and surrendered it to the cinema security guard. Glad SM Megamall management has this kind of people.

Btw, if you haven't seen Real Steal yet, watch out for the Philippine Flag. It's in Hugh Jackman's toolbox. The flag is inverted. 


  1. Now I'm regretting choosing Friends with Benefits over that.

  2. haven't seen that one yet pero real steel is really cool.

  3. Watch it tom with Dad! woot woot!

  4. i did hear it was good. but a movie ticket here costs 10 dollars. Mahal. :(


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