22 July 2010

Diploma, Death and Dr. DILF

I was in Powerbooks at Megamall this afternoon when I received a call from Ms. HR.  Actually, I texted her and asked for the schedule of orientation and contract signing. It was supposed to be this week but she told me that it would be on the first week of August instead. I felt a lil bit sad because I was excited to start working. I've been praying for a really big distraction for weeks now and working is definitely the biggest distraction I could have.

But looking on the bright side (coz I have no choice), the delay means a few more weeks to enjoy freedom. Though honestly, I'm not exactly sure how to spend that freedom. I'd prolly watch lotsa movies (Inception, Airbender, Salt, Despicable Me, Eat Pray Love). Or maybe get drunk in Elbi again.

Speaking of Elbi, I was there this morning to get my diploma and request a copy of my transcript of records. I saw my academic adviser and we had a little chitchat. Btw, my adviser is uber cool. She's much updated with the shenanigans of my no longer existing love life. Problem is she only has a bird's eye view so she took her turn in asking me the juicy details. I told her.

After having lunch with a couple of friends, I went back to Manila to die. I went to Clinica Manila to have what they call pre-employment medical examination. I hate doctors, dentists, hospitals, clinics and needles. Especially needles. I was shaking so bad that the nurse who had to extract a sample of my blood gave me a few minutes to calm down. And breathe. The shaking didn't end there. I was shaking when they were getting my BP, pulse rate and chest xray. I heard the word relax gazillion of times.

The only time I didn't shake because of fear was during the physical examination. The doctor is a total DILF. His hands were all over my body - back, neck, chest, and abdomen. But for medical reasons of course. Hahaha. I was disappointed though that he didn't ask me to take my clothes off. I remember stripping down during the required physical examination in my school. Had Doctor DILF asked me to strip, he would have found what's missing all his life. Hahaha.

Anyhoos, I would go back to the clinic tomorrow for the pupu sample. I hope to see Dr. DILF again.

OneManga is closing down. I'm not a manga fan but I know a handful of friends who are gaga over manga.


  1. nasa mega ako kanina. ^^ sayang

    i can't believe onemanga is closing! broken hearted ako! i feel so sad. :(

  2. i'll apply as a nurse in a florence nightingale outfit to that doc! wahahaha

  3. i want me some DILFs too haha

  4. well, did u have a hardon during the PE? ahaha ..malaki ba bukol ni doc?? ahaha :P

  5. enjoy your last few weeks of freedom. when work starts, it's not distraction you'll be looking for, but rest. lots of rest. :)

  6. (point sa mount) DILF, DILF
    (pint sa crotch) lemonade
    Around the corner
    (point sa rear) parties are made!

  7. I heard about OneManga's closure. In a week's time. Good thing, everything I read there I save as images, and compile into PDF formats. Easier to browse, read and share. Without the requisite to go online.

    I had a similar check-up with a doctor here in Makati. He was cute. He was also gay. We talked for an hour after the examination. Nice guy.

  8. im curious. what exactly is your job in powerbooks? :)

    new here!

  9. @mike sayang! yun ba yung benetton event? anyhoos, isa ka sa mga naisip ko nung nabasa kong magsasara na onemanga.

    @ternie hahaha. you like dilfs din?

    @anteros he's not cute. i don't like cute. he's hot. haha

    @orally apir tayo dyan! :p

    @soltero wala eh. kabado kasi ako. tska di ko type si doc. haha. di ko napansin bukol ni dr. dilf pero he's got nice arms and chest. hahaha.

    @engel hala tinakot mo naman ako :s

    @carrie eh ang cute naman nyang chant mo! hahaha

    @red i-share mo yang mga pdf na yan sa mga fans. haha. buti pa kayo nakapagusap ni doc. torpe kasi ako. tska straight si dr. dilf ko. lols.

    @barry di po ako nagttrabaho sa powerbooks. hehe. and welcome sa AP! balik ka ha! :)

  10. @barry pero pangarap ko din makapagtrabaho sa isang bookstore para pwede ako magbasa ng magbasa. haha. kahit libro na lang ipasweldo nila saken. :))

  11. i seriously hope you'll be fine soon. keep holding on.

    i hate hospitals din eh. but on the contrary, i love docs and nurses, lol!


  12. @desole sana nga. :) anyhoos, i don't think i'll ever like doctors or nurses. reminder sila ng pain saken. hahaha.

    manga fan ka din pala. hehe. hanap na lang kayo iba.

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  14. from a medical student:
    hahaha...believe me, takot din kami na kumuha ng blood sample and all...or baka kasi baguhan pa lang ako...

    hahay...si Mc Steamy na visualize ko sa DILF na yan...hahaha...

    down boy...down...wahahaha

  15. Wow. Natatakot din pala kayo. Haha. Yung mga doctors kasi na nasubukan ko parang walang pakiramdam. Parang robot lang. Haha.


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