10 July 2010

Hush hush

I wanted to tell you all my secrets...until you became one of them.

I wonder why some people just really suck in keeping secrets.

I consider myself pretty good in keeping secrets. Out of 10 secrets I have, only one will be revealed. And the most probable reason why it would come out in the open is because that one moron who I shared the secret with can't keep his mouth shut like the way he can't keep his hands on his pockets...or his penis in his pants.

Or maybe it's my fault. You see, I like sharing my secrets to at least one soul. But that's another story.

Most people see me as a boy who wouldn't break the rules. Not even bend them. Most of my friends think that I have nothing but good intentions and that I am made up of love, care, trust, hope, and all other four cute little words that you find in Hallmark cards. My charm works on both boys and girls. How can one one not fall for one sweet and innocent looking guy, right? But truth is I have a lot of skeletons in my closet just like everyone else.

I have committed many things that you wouldn't imagine I can do. These things I have done would make you rethink if I'm really the guy you know. Before you get too paranoid lemme just say that I haven't killed anyone (yet). That's too extreme. The things I'm talking about here are stuffs that you have heard or you may even know someone who have done it. But given my reputation and image, you really wouldn't imagine that I have done it.

Just recently, I learned that one of my secrets in no longer a secret. Apparently, the stupid bastard who was supposed to keep the secret as hard as I was trying to keep it couldn't help but share it to another soul.I don't blame him though for having the urge to share it and acting on that urge. I'm just fucking annoyed that he doesn't know how to choose the people he will a share a secret with. Especially that secret. Our reputations are now both at stake. Dimwit.


  1. well, lesson learned, charged to experience. damage control. then move on na lang.

  2. medyo late nato but couldn't help commenting, more like curiosity but i've read an entry days ago by a certain ex, reading your blog now i think you're the star in that particular post but then again i may be wrong.

  3. Talaga? Interesting. Pero bakit naman ako naisip mo? Dahil dito sa post na 'to? Eh hindi naman 'to tungkol sa ex ko. Hehe.

  4. Tska tska di ako magtatago ng isang relationship. Di ko din tatawagin na dimwit kahit kelan ang mga ex ko. Hehe. =)


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