11 July 2010

Turn ons

I'm quite reserved when it comes to sex and sex talk. I don't know much about it and I definitely haven't experimented much. But as of late, I feel the need to learn more about it so I would deliver better next time. *smirk*

I was chatting with this new friend when he popped the question, "what turns you on?" Lemme share my response to his question.

Smut. I love smut. My first taste of smut was from those sleazy tabloids like Abante (Xerex) and Toro. We have a jeepney driver neighbor who always buys such tabloids. After reading it, he leaves the paper in a nipa hut which was a common place where we neighbors hang out. I would secretly get the paper, read in it the comfort room and jack off. Hahaha. Between video porn, image porn and smut, I'll always settle for smut.

Dirty talk. Come on. Men are meant to be dirty. And dirty talk is music to my ears. ;)

Men in uniform. Police and military men especially. The mere presence of these men wakes every part of my body...particularly that part. Haha. Problem with these species, however, is that there are few who has face value. I don't put much value on their looks but a decent face is still important. But 90% of the time, I'm just ogling at their body. Those big arms, broad shoulders, and their it-can't-get-any-bulgier-than-this crotches.

Straight porn. I like gay porn but straight porn makes my horny hormones hit the roof. Don't get me wrong though. I only like straight men in porn and not in real life. Hehe.

Facial hair. I don't want a pretty boy. I don't want my man polished. I want him rugged. And facial hair makes one man rugged and hot.

Makeup sex, anger sex, and partially inebriated sex. There's just so much lust and passion in makeup sex and anger sex. My testosterone level hits sky high during make up sex or anger sex. On the other hand, I like having sex when I'm partially inebriated because I feel super. I feel like I can do anything. Anything. *smirk*

Ikaw, what turns you on?


  1. Who doesn't get aroused when a very straight-acting guy tells you "Putangina mo pare, ang sarap mo!" in bed? Lol.

  2. Tama, tama. With all the angas and ruggedness in the voice. Jeez. Just imagining it makes me wet. Haha

  3. lol. wet talaga?! the picture made my day.

  4. Astig nga ng pic. Haha At oo,wet talaga. Si mugen kasi! Haha.

  5. this made my day :)

    thanks for following

  6. it was long overdue, antero :D

  7. wow same turn ons mostly haha..u shd see the LA cops, im not exaggerating but they are mostly HOT!!... one time i was pulled over, the cop was hot!! i nearly told him, officer, can i give u a freaking BJ here at the freeway shoulder in exchange for that ticket? ehehe :P

  8. lande talaga ni soltero, the pic made my day too. and yay to men in uniform (priest included?)

  9. what turns me on??


    smuts are like my early kamasutra. they taught me so much i kinda blame them for jacking off twice at minimum during elementary days

  10. @soltero i'm flying to LA ASAP and violate all the laws there! hahaha

    @orallyours at one point in my life, i pinagpantasyahan ko din sila. may napanood kasi akong priest-construction worker porn. haha. kaso mas nangingibabaw yung pagka-annoy sa kanila kaya nawala na. hahaha.

    @desole anlandi mo! hahaha. :p smuts ftw! :D

  11. world peace turns ternie on? Echusera talaga sya evuhr!

  12. @eternal wanderer and equity? haha

    @carrie all along i thought i was the most boring person. then came ternie. LOL

  13. oh dirty talk is kryptonite baby...

  14. from an unexperienced gay boy:


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