21 July 2010

Make or break Tuesday

Yesterday was a make or break day. I had my final interview for a job that I applied for two months ago. I really like the job. But I was sort of getting hopeless because two months of waiting and bumming really sucks. Also, I failed to take the initial exam the first two times they wanted me to take it. I was busy. Busy being broken hearted. Bah.

Anyhoos, I passed the final interview. It was a panel interview that took two unnecessarily long hours. I got the big boss talk more than I did by asking him questions. Hehe. But I admit I was pretty nervous because I didn't know that it would be a panel interview. It also didn't help how to impress a lawyer. Big boss is part of the panel and he's a lawyer.

One of the interviewers looked really masungit and uninterested. I think she just asked me two or three questions. One of which was about my knowledge of the company. I was thisclose in giving a wrong answer. Instead of saying the name of one of the businesses of their company, I almost said the name of their biggest competitor. And I think she sensed that. Lol.

I also stuttered, mispronounced words, and digressed a couple of times. Hehe. But I did some of the digressing on purpose. I sensed that their eyes glow whenever I talk about certain topics, events or people that they are familiar about. Let them indulge, I said to myself. Lol.

But I sensed that I passed the interview when they started nodding at each other. Then Big Boss started talking about their existing projects and their future plans. And he was addressing me as if I'm already part of the group. I was trying my hard not to smirk when he kept on doing that. Hahaha.

I'll sign the job contract this week.

Yeah, I was supposed to blog about this yesterday. But the BV really got into me and it overpowered this GV. Yaan nyo na naihabol naman.

I wanna watch Adolf Alix's Muli. Three reasons: Sid Lucero, the songs, and Sid Lucero.


  1. You'll be signing the contract na? Congrats! This is the beginning of your career journey with this firm. All the best!

  2. @carrie mukhang ganun na nga. thanks. and also, this would be a great 'distraction'. alam mo na.

  3. great! congrats po and hopefully makatulong nga to 'distract' you sa 'alam mo na'

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! and goodluck.
    i love sid lucero too.

  5. Ang sarap kaya ni Sid Lucero. LOL

    Magandang distraction yan sa "di-ko-alam-kung-sino" LMAO

  6. @desole thanks :)

    @orally thanks :) pero wag mo agawin si sid saken, ok? :p

    @carrie tama! pero wag mo din sya agawin saken, ok? :p

  7. i always love a successful application story.


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