07 October 2010

Post Modern

I remember when my first boyfriend asked me to help him in his report for a microbiology subject. His report, if I remember it right, was about bacteria on beef. Bottom line of the report is don't order very rare steak because some dangerous bacteria don't get killed. Lol.

I wrote his report in a manila paper just in case of power outage. But since the original powerpoint version of the report has illustrations, I tried to create my impression of  the bacteria and a cow.  Bacteria was easy, the cow was a different story. When I was done with the cow, it looked more of Moo and Chuckie than real cattle. Hahaha. But ex-boyfie was very appreciative and told me it was cute. Aw.

This morning I was feeling extra happy. I dunno why though considering I barely have sleep the past few days and my eye bags can already pass as a paper weight. So yeah I was feeling sunshine-y and I thought I should tell you guys about it to let you know that I'm not an emotard. As I was typing my I'm-not-an-emotard entry above, I thought I'd better put a picture with it. I googled the phrase I'm okay and look what I found.

Based on the file name, his name is Minmow.

I thought he was cute. But I also knew I could do a better version of him. So using MS Paint I made my impression of Minmow.

Meet  Minmow v2.0.

Minmow: Click me for better appreciation!

You don't like it? Bah. It's post modern, you know.


Thank you guys for being there for me. Whatever that means. Lol. Seriously, thank you. Mahal nyo ko no? Hahaha.

I'm not posting the I'm not an emotard post anymore. Siguro naman enough proof na si Minmow v2.o na ok na ko. =]


  1. nice take pipo! hahaha.
    saludo ko sa nakakagadraw using MSpaint. i can't even make straight lines there. hehehe

  2. woohoo! nice to know you're okay! :) and oh, the ms paint version is good! buti ka pa kaya mo mag draw using the app. i can't draw kasi. lol fml. =)

  3. Oks lang maging malungkot, we learn from being one. Then a new day will come and viola, happy na naman. The thing to do right now is to hold on to that happiness and find its source.

  4. nice one pipo!:) ang tyaga mag MS Paint..

    -aka vinz

  5. hangkyuut haha. talent. hindi madaling gawin yan ah. pati color palette ni Minmow, nakuha mo.

    i'll see you soon.

    more than a toy and a long tight hug perhaps? lol

  6. At pumopostmodern. Hehe. FTW!

  7. @ced & enzo it takes years of practice and discipline you see. hahahaha.

    @sir jonathan hold on that happiness and find its source. hmmm. gusto ko yun.

    @kuya kuya! salamat! hahaha. ganyan talaga pag petiks sa office. hohoho.

    @victor of course. if people don't understand your work you just call it post modern and voila! it becomes an art. i learned that from jessica zafra. hahaha.

  8. ang galing nmnan! hirap gawin yan ha

  9. How sweet, Hope you two will be a happy couple! Thanks for sharing your story.

  10. ang kulit lang ni pipo oh. ang cute talaga!!!!! super duper like!!! hihi

  11. @Knight Teka. Na-skip yung comment mo. Bakit tayo magkikita? Sino ka nga ulit? =S

    Re color palette, madali lang. Sa MS Paint lang din naman. Hehe.

    @Mac @Nimmy Salamat! =))


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