04 October 2010

I think I need help.

I knew there's something wrong with me. I haven't cried after the breakup. I was coping amazingly well and fast. I know moving on is the right thing to do and I know how to do it.

But I just figured out a few minutes ago that there's something with me.

I am broken.

Im thinking that everyone would leave me eventually. And no one would love me and care for me enough to saty.


I need help.


  1. you'll be okay pipo. it might be hard to cope up but eventually you'll be okay.

    not everyone will leave you. some are meant to stay! smile. :)

  2. awwwww. you'll be okay. andyan naman mga friends mo para pasayahin ka. hwag ng malungkot.

    anong gusto mo pasalubong? punta ako Bacolod this week. :D

  3. You, my lad, could use a stiff drink.

    Cold comfort comes in many forms. Among them is the fact that there are other people who genuinely care for you, except right now, you have to deal with the baggage of a recent and painful break-up.

    This is a good time to talk to friends.

  4. People come and go as they say, but i have to agree with my-so-called-Quest that "some are meant to stay". And you are not the only one experiencing this. You are not alone, Pipo. =) Be strong. I know you can do it. I'm here if you need me.

  5. Be strong Pipo.. :)
    Kaya mo yan..unti-unti lang. eventually, makakapag move-on ka din..:)

  6. All I really know is it gets better. For sure. No doubt about it. In time. So cheer up!

  7. Life is too short to be unhappy. Take it easy. Everything happens for a reason. Cheer up. =)

  8. The shattered pieces of a love gone is always the hardest to place back.

    Friends, if need to, can be your greatest support group.

    But remember, there's a fine line between being emo and venting out.

  9. aaawww... hugsies pipo. don't say that. you'll always have your family and friends who'll love you. and don't worry, "the one" will come soon. :)

  10. Napansin ko nga na medyo mabilis transition mo and all. I think kailangan talaga daanan iyang point na yan. Well, huwag ka lang mag dwell jan at wag papatalo sa brokenness na yan kasi kung tutuusin kadami-daming tao diyang nag-ke care para sa iyo. Hayaan mo lang yang kirot na yan, mawawala din yan. At sure akong may darating pang mas deserve mo...be happy.

  11. "Im thinking that everyone would leave me eventually. And no one would love me and care for me enough to saty."

    Oh Pipo, I think everyone's entitled to feel that way esp after a terrible break-up like yours. Just know that logic dictates the right one for you will not leave. :) There are no assurances in the world but if there's one thing I know, there's nothing that writing cannot fix. Perhaps you can channel all your energy there and pull an Alanis. :)

  12. In the process of loving someone, human beings tend to give too much of themselves, forgetting they their own self is equally important as their loved ones.

    Love your self more.

    Just my 2cents...

  13. If there's one thing you should recognize, it's that many others also experience what you are going through. Acknowledge how you are feeling and how it is affecting you, but never get stuck on it. Use it as motivation to be better in the future. Hugs Pipo :)

  14. very Liz Gilbert. pray Pipo. talk to Jesus. :)


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