20 October 2010


So someone sent me a question via Formspring. Now that someone used a very interesting alias.

Q: in choosing your next partner in life, what will your most important consideration? - im-not-your-ex

A: Maturity. I want someone who'd choose joy over happiness. Someone who'd rather let temporary highs slip through his hands than lose someone who'd stay. Someone who'd never let me go. Someone who'd never do things that would make me leave.

I dunno but it was the first thing that popped into my mind. Maybe a few weeks, months or years from now I'd have a different answer but maturity is on top of the list prerequisites right now.


  1. It is, after all, a situational inquiry, and a subjective one at that. I echo the sentiment, long-term goals are far more valued than short-term conquests. The commitment should be, from the onset, one that precludes a process of growth, nurturing, evolving and hopefully improving. If you get into it for the sake of being in one, its bound to fail.

  2. galing ng sagot!

    pero weird thing is, minsan yung binibigay sa atin e unexpectedly iba from what we wish for.

    pero nandyan lang sya pipo. :)

  3. Oh Pipo, in what way will you be able to measure maturity?

    This abstract word is one difficult trait.

    But perhaps, that is what matters most right now.

  4. nice answer miss mexico! ahahaha

    love the last sentence. un na. :D

  5. It is difficult to comment on issues like this. So let me just leave you this quote for you to ponder:

    “A mature person is one who does not think only in absolutes, who is able to be objective even when deeply stirred emotionally, who has learned that there is both good and bad in all people and all things, and who walks humbly and deals charitably.”

    -Eleanor Roosevelt

  6. i think we will always have that picture of an ideal partner pero tru nga din sabi ni MSCQ... more often than not, the kind of guy we take in is a bundle of surprise and a total opposite of that picture.

    anyway, sana ikaw na lang si VR. baka nasungkit pa naten ang MU10. hehehe.

  7. well it's a fair enough qualification but im with guyrony on this one

  8. in matters of the heart, do we really choose?

  9. how do you define maturity anyway? and how can you claim that you, yourself are mature? excuse me for saying this, but isn't that arrogance?


  10. @anonymous/i-could-be-your-ex, maturity is defined as the opposite of what you've just displayed here

    - drew

  11. @drew: interesting. trying to give light from a different angle is immaturity. i suppose i should just agree with his answer like the rest.

  12. Andito lang ako Pipo! Yan lang pala hanap mo e! Hahaha! Chos! Yun din ang hanap-hanap ko! Found a perfect one 2 years ago then later on in the relationship parang hindi ko nakita na nagmamature kami, SO I QUIT! I am no longer in highschool. Pa-tweetums just doesn't cut it anymore. ;-)

  13. i totally agree. maturity super outranks everything. maybe it's the age. we have to start thining of settling down etc etc at some point, right?

  14. tama si citybuoy. we are no longer just playing games. unlike before na basta euphoria lang, go lang ng go. right now, we need to look for something that has a semblance of longevity. :)


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