11 January 2010


I had a pretty interesting and productive day today. I woke up early to go to school and pick a form I need for my practicum. Stayed in our department for a while hoping to have some a chat with some random people. Too bad no one was around since today is Monday - our classes are from Tuesday to Friday. I left for lunch 11ish and decided to just eat at home. I bought a slice watermelon, my favourite fruit in the world! Hehe. Seriously, I <3 watermelons. Watermelon is the next best thing to chocolate.

I asked Johnny Depp to join me over lunch and he obliged. He said he's not hungry though and just watched happy me eat my watermelon-chan. Halfway through lunch he decided to tell a story. "Once Upon a Time in Mexico", he started. I wasn't paying much attention since I'm not into guns and stuffs. But it got pretty interesting when he and Enrique Iglesias came into the picture. Johnny is really good as always while Enrique is boyish and cute.

Around 1pm I decided to go back to school to do some research for my practicum. I saw my friend DJ and decided to ditch research and have a little chit chat with her. Our little chit chat lasted till 6. Lol. Macky joined us around 4 pm. Btw, our chit chat was about our practicum. We three are potential practicum mates if British Council (DJ) and Globe (me) decides not to take as practicumers/interns. We'll be joining Macky in Pilipinas Shell. And yeah, I think I'm favoring Shell over Globe because I'll be with these two funny girls.

Our chit chat also revolved on how we would try not to get into each other's nerves since we'll be staying in one place if we become practicum mates. Hehe. We're good friends but then again we know that living in one place is not the same as hanging out with each other outside.

Next to not getting into each other's nerves, food is next main concern.

DJ: Sino magluluto?
Ako: Di ako marunong.
Macky: Marunong ako!
DJ: Ayun!
Macky: Kaso prito lang.
Ako: Prito lang din alam namin eh - hotdog, itlog.
Macky: Pero pag di masarap yung niluto ko ok lang naman na sabihin nyo.
Ako: Sa labas na lang tayo kumain.
DJ: Jollibee everyday.

Then, cleaning.

Macky: Sino maglilinis ng C.R.?
DJ: Si Pipo marunong daw.
Ako: Ha? Eh...
Macky: May schedule na lang dapat.
Ako: Oo nga!
DJ: Sige Mack, ikaw first two months sa C.R. Si Ate Iya (another practicum mate) magluluto.

Come Wednesday we'll know our final assignment. I do hope it's Shell for me.

And oh, Macky, your suitor is a hawtee. =p


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