01 January 2010

NYR 2010

Lemme join the bandwagon.

Start reading books. Good, real books. Novels in particular. I'm more of a short essay and flash fiction person you see. I like novels but I hate it when sentences take forever to end as if dividing sentences, either through periods or semi-colons, but I prefer periods since they really let you breath and help you process what you've just read and brace for the coming thoughts, ideas or concepts though, would make it lose the its essence or the thought or emotion it wants to provoke but, under closer scrutiny, it is in fact risking already what it wants the reader to grasp by prolonging sentence and peppering it with details which, more often than, not essential to the subject matter. Fine. That's one terrible attempt. Anyway, at least one book a month is not bad. I haven't read much so it would be much appreciated if you can suggest what books to read. Go easy and start with the basic and essential reads though.

Eat healthier foods. When boyfie was still around I had to limit my intake of fruits and veggies since he's not into them. Really not intothem. As much as I want to blame him, it's his parents who raised him that way. Unlike most children, he wasn't forced to eat those yummy greenies. I hated them too but when I finally understood (and felt) their importance, I started to include them on my diet. Until I met boyfie. Lol. So more of these yummy fruits and veggies this year.

Exercise. I planned to hit the gym last year but I didn't know one needs a huge amount of will to make it happen. In fairness to me, I prepared for it by jogging, doing push-ups and sit-up every other day for two to three weeks. But then people noticed that I was getting thin and I look really exhausted and stressed. And that's not exactly what I'm expecting to happen. I want to look healthy and glowing not as if I just had a hell week in school. But maybe I'm just doing jogging  a more than I should.

Be more spontaneous. Watching a muvee alone is a good start. I already have another one in mind. Wait a minute... Won't that be defying spontaneity since I have already planned it? Hmmm. Anyway, that thing I have in mind is something no one I know will imagine I will be doing. Just thinking of it and my friends' take on it makes me giddy and nervous at the same time.

Get enough sleep. My bed time is 2 am. Terrible. I wake up around 11 am feeling very irritable and cranky that boyfie knows better than talk or cuddle me. The key is to just let me be until I start talking (or complaining). This year I should be in bed come 11 pm and 12 midnight should the latest I can stay up.

I think five is enough else I'll be risking myself to so much disappointment that my next resolution will be to stop making New Year's resolution.

And yeah, happy new year guys!


  1. back then i used to read A LOT. and i love flash fics too! i recommend william rhode and alex garland. galing nila mag sulat sobra. also haruki murakami is good. not so much flash fiction pero his pacing is fast and he writes so simply pero it says a lot... alam mo yun? short sentence pero nadiscribe na niya lahat.

    do u have others to recommend din?

  2. Nakabasa na ko ng Haruki Murakami. Yung Dance, Dance, Dance nya. Ang ganda nga. Sige babasa pa ko ng Murakami.

    Haynko Mike. Gustuhin ko mang magrecommend eh sobrang wala pa kong "experience" sa mga novels. Pero ang mga fave ko so far ay Eleven Minutes (Coelho), Catcher in the Rye (Salinger) at The Wizard of Oz (first novel na nabasa ko. hehe).


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