16 January 2010

Q & A II

Q: AWW YOU HAVE TO LIKE STRAWBERRIES! umm anyway.. ahem, so uhh- you like cute stuff?
A: A bit of story why I don't like strawberries. When I was a kid there was so much, umm, hype about strawberries. Practically all the kids in my neighborhood claimed that strawberries are really delicious. Of course, that made me crave for strawberries. One day my cousin who just came from Baguio gave me some strawberries. And it tasted...weird. No, it actually tasted baaaaaaad. The strawberries really looked perfect on the outside but sucked big time in the taste department. So there, that is why I don't like strawberries. TMI. Lol.

And yes, I like cute stuffs. Teddy bears are overrated though. =p

Q: i just hurt my gums with my toothbrush, what do i do?
A: Since this question was posted 2 hours ago, I bet you and your gums are fine now. =p Go eat chocolate.

Q: Humm- Hummmmm- Hummmmm- I can't think of anything to ask you right now... :P
A: Come on! Keep it coming! Hahaha. Thanks for the question/s btw.

Q: So pipo, describe your ideal life partner.
A: Someone like you. =p Ang hirap naman ng tanong. I really haven't thought about this. Lemme try though.

I want someone older than me. I'm not into guys younger than me. I dunno. There's no chance that I'll be in a relationship with a someone younger. I know this is not always true but I associate maturity with age. I want someone mature.

I'm very childish. Most of my friends won't agree to this but I'm really childish in a romantic relationship set-up. So someone who can deal with this would be nice.

I'm a sucker (pun not intended, really) for attention. The best way to make me feel loved is giving me time. Lotsa time.

Someone smart. Smarter than me. Not that I'm very smart pero I just want someone who's superior to me in the brain department. He must be street smart too.

A really patient person. As a partner, I tell you, I'll get to your nerves really often. And sometimes I do it on purpose.

Ok, I'm gonna stop now. I can go on and on with the list but I'll never feel satisfied with my answer. I dunno. But I'm very sure with what I listed. Thanks for asking. :]

Q: so i'm not your ideal life partner, i fail at number one :P anyway- i am kind of stalking you, do you mind?
A: 4 out of 5 is not bad. =p You're not the type of stalker who follows somebody wherever he goes, right? So I guess it's fine. Haha. And I'm pretty sure in a few days time you'll get tired. I'm a pretty boring species you see. Lol

Q: who's better, madonna or mariah?
A: Parang kilala kita. Haha. I think Mariah is the better singer while Madonna is the better entertainer. :]

Q: No. I'm the type of stalker who scours the web for any recent activity you've done XD heeheehee i dunno- i find ya interesting :P in any case- what have you been up to recently?
A: Not much. Johnny Depp muvee marathon. And I'm waiting for my final practicum (ojt) assignment.

Q: So, as an aspiring PR practitioner- what can you do to change the dirty face of Public Relations? Hehe. On the second thought- I'd just like to ask if you plan to be APR :D and what will you do if you become one ;)
A: No plans yet as a PR. I'm planning to apply as a research assistant in a certain company. :]

Q: so you prefer short term goals over long term goals?
A: I think "prioritize" is a more fitting word.

Q: you seem to like photos of you shot from behind :D what's the reason behind it? :D
A: Hindi po ako photogenic. I rarely look decent sa pictures. Hehe


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