09 January 2010

Facebook Whatevers

You don't talk to me in the morning when I just woke up. You just shut your mouth and wait until I talk to you. Or until I tell you to do something for me - turn off the light, stop that sound you're playing or gimme my pillow that travelled over the night to god-knows-where. You just let me be when I just woke up.

The first thing I do when I wake up is look in the mirror and see if the parts of my body are in their proper places. They tend to go all over and rearrange themselves over the night as I'm a really restless sleeper. Ok. It's just vanity. After checking myself out, I wash my face then take a leak. It's important to wash your face first before you take a leak especially if you're a guy. We get very disoriented in the morning that we tend to be very unhygienic. You still don't talk to me.

I'm really really cranky, moody and grumpy in the morning. That's why I don't look at my Facebook immediately. I read emails, news, blog updates and Twitter updates immediately but not my Facebook. My Facebook is a potential day-wrecker. I have sane friends there but then again I have annoying contacts too. They're not always annoying though. But their status updates just get into my nerves sometimes.
  • Friend declares that she and her boyfriend called it quits. Five minutes later she updated her status message saying that she has moved on.
  • She's so excited to hold her new gadget. She posted about it 10 million times.
  • She keeps complaining about her students. She's (almost) cursing them. She despises her job. Somebody remind her she chose to be a teacher.
  • "A woman can say more in a sigh than a man can say in a sermon", she said.
  • He needs to set everything right. He needs to start with himself. He updated while nursing a bottle of bear in one hand, a shot of tequila and a stick of cigarette in the other.
  • She thinks she looks ugly in her new profile picture. Why post it then? 
  • He claims he doesn't believe in love. What-eee-burrr.
  • Friend changed relationship status from single to in a relationship. He's emo.
  • She asked for more time to settle the issues thrown at her. It's been three fucking years.
  • They bash our field of specialization. But her current job is not for her. She wasn't trained to do that job. That's OUR job, OUR expertise. She's just pretending to know what she's doing and she knows it.
  • They're on a (reducing) diet.

They're gonna hate me for this. But at least we're even now.

listening to: Beautiful Mess (Jason Mraz)


  1. i totally understand how it can be a potential day-wrecker. haha believe it or not, i make a lot of mental preparations before i log on to facebook. haha i've gotten into quite a number of fights because of annoying status updates.

  2. I'm not alone then! Haha. But since I've never been in a fight because of these, you're the man! Lol

  3. uhm guilty (siguro) ako sa mga status updates ko. hehe.. pero i enjoy reading some of them then just laugh it off. :P


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